Your Life 2016 edition



Hello, @AHappyCoder
I have not been in touch for a while, but I am interested in doing a collab on a project that other people said would go to featured! I think you kmow which project I am talking about. Do you want to trade drafts and collab with me?


Um, I have a lot of collabs, but if you need me I can help :D Just not a shift based collab :slight_smile:


Ok @AHappyCoder, yes I do need help with it, I need a lot of help. I do not think I can finish without help, and I know you and trust that you will help.


What code do you want? Screenshots, and explanations :D


Just a min, I need to get the link.


@AHappyCoder are you watching this topic yet?

Here is the link


Yep! What do you need help with? I would like some sort of problem to solve!


Yep kinda, I have a deadline to finish it. And I cannot do it by my self so, I need help. But first could you make credits on the first page and add yourself to credits?


Check my profile for some new music, you can add it if you want :D


Ok @AHappyCoder I can focus now.