Your Hopscotch Dreams


You post your Hopscotch dreams here in this here topic! My Hopscotch dream is...
To be followed by the Hopscotch team!


One day there will be a game on Hopsoctch, that has Legit multiplayer, one day, one day.


My Hopscotch dream is to...

become a better coder


Mine is to have 10 of my projects featured


Get on featured.......


Mine at the moment is to get featured. :smile:


My hopscotch dream is to get on game changers.


Wondering if a coder better than you is possible...
Well, more of your codes to enjoy!


Hmm.... Tough one!
My biggest one is to become a hopscotcher's first follower.
(Nope, not about wanting fame, not at all :smiley:)


I don't want fame, I just want to be famous.



Mine is to get trending or featured :3


That means you want to be famous.


My dream is to stop the negativity and arguing on Hopscotch, and make it a better, happier place for us to code.


Ha! Good one, although, you can make it happen, "the one who wants to be famous without fame", yes that is a nickname, now...actually...I can't type that every time!


Time to put it in my bio!


Agreed! HS would be even more awesome if it was like that :slight_smile:


And my positivity topic is just right for that! :smile:
I'm making a new rule on all of my topics, you have to be positive. Talking about any things like people leaving, being sad, or bad things is for OTHER topics. Having arguments and getting sad is for OTHER topics. I hope my topics spread through the Forum, adding happiness. I hope my positivity idea catches on!!!


I was searching for something else.


Can I make my own version of this topic? Can this be revived? Thank you


Ya. This is a good topic. IT NEEDS LE REVIVAL