Your Greatest Accomplishment!



Have you ever felt super proud of yourself on Hopscotch? Here you can say what you are proud of.
Don't beg for likes or complain about them, it won't be tolerated!
Don't brag!
Don't let your jealousy control you!



I am proud of this project!- it got the most likes I have ever gotten (not trying to brag or anything I'm just saying that's half why I'm proud of it, the other half is because I like the colors and the graphics of it) -


It was awesome!!
It deserved every single like it got.


Thanks for saying that! @LazyLizard, what's your greatest accomplishment?


I'm proud of my reindeer creator, NewYears2016, BackgroundClub, my Simple Circuit that somehow got RISING!!! My best friend IRL of all time who had never used hopscotch and I coded it in like 5 minutes!


I have lots.

When these people followed me/liked my project.





ToasterRebellion, meow x meow





@SUPERSWAGGY, @SmilingSnowflakes

@Snoopy, @DancingLollipop


When I was featured for the 5th time:

When I was in an email, and on Twitter for my game:

Making music for a @MagmaPOP game:

Being with such awesome people in the collab "OceanWonder".

And finally... Helping others.

WHOA. I didn't think it would sound so much like bragging. I'm sorry. I didn't mean for it to.


Oh wow!

You deserved all of the attention you got!



GREAT JOB (202020202002020202020202) those projects are awesome and congrats on your famous followers


Well, I'm proud when anyone follows me! It means I've done something. Them being "famous" has almost no reflection on me.


I was told I was "popular"
I was also called a hypocrite.


I consider my self popular in my own way :smiley:


Same here! Anybody that puts effort into their own work deserves to be proud, even if they get only 3 likes!


I was proud of my first projects that got three and 4 likes too! I didn't care about being popular. I still don't, but I've expanded in my coding skills and now I get more likes highest 317 average 20-30-40, but I don't really care, it just makes me feel good :smiley: (not trying to brag)


It feels awesome when you reach your goals fairly!
The only word ever associated with popular was hypocrite. (For me)


A lot of people are always begging for likes, and they get some likes because people feel bad for them. But that's not getting likes fairly. I never ask for likes because I like to earn them, again my makes me feel good


I agree. It's like someone getting a puppy they don't deserve.


ToasterRebellion spams me with likes sometimes XD so does Madi and Others


I like spam likes until they actually are spam likes!


My greatest achievement is getting on featured and then having hopscotch make a video about my project! :smiley:


They made a video?!? I must see it!
Your project was awesome!