Your first post?



First of all, credit to @Anonymous for giving me the idea of this topic! :D

Here, write your first posts ever in the forum! Let's compare them to what we post now! Was it a topic? Was it just hello? Do you remember it, or do you have no clue what it is? Can you even find your first post? XD Just quote and post your first posts here! :D

What was your first post?

Great topic idea! @SmileyAlyssa this was my first ever post/topic

Hi, i have just made an account on the hopscotch forum, show I am windering what you do, and what features are there???
couldnt even spell back then SHOW WINDERING


I can't even remember! I think it was a collab with @Lightningstrike about a forgotten game...


I'm going to scroll down from my profile... Oh well. I'll post in like 5 minutes or something.


This was mine ;D

Idk why I did it in the Community Shutouts Topic.


Hey! Your first post was in my topic! :D


Here was mine!

Gahhh... I was so clueless! Thanks a lot, School iPads that can't watch videos!


I KNOW right? I can't watch the videos on my school iPad, and I never have time to watch on mother one at home!


I'm pretty sure my first post/topic was "To: SmileyAlyssa​:blush:".
I remember you just saw that topic yesterday! :smile:


My very first post:
Hi I'm new to the forum!!! My hopscotch name is HoppingBanana:banana:. I've been hopscotching since June 2015. I hope we can become friends on Hopscotch and here too!!!

My first topic:
Android Version for Hopscotch

My first post on that topic:
I really want an android version for hopscotch.


Mine was something like 'got any tips? I barely know how to post!'


Irerelivant to HS tho... Kinda


I was in that topic! And everyone said, "See that little text that says 'Reply' with an arrow before it? Tap that."

And when I first joined the forum, it was tiring to create a topic, which I barely knew how to do.


But it is relevant to the forum.

And also you were posting about first posts, so...


I say it has to be forum-related or Hopscotch-related. Irerelivant…Typo…


whatwhatwhatwhatwhatwhat @Anonymous @SmileyAlyssa @tankt2016


But making a topic about it tho...


You would rather be off topic on that other topic though?


hmmmm that is the question..


Yeah lol