Your first HF friend


Remember your first HF friends? Post them here, and discribe them. Maybe even give them a shoutout on one of your projects. Cuz your first friend here was someone who introduced you to HF.


First replier was @Dude73!

Oldest friend who inspires me to join was @LazyLizard!!


@UndertaleTacoz was my HSF fren :3


First person to reply to me was either @pingu or @SmilingSnowflakes :slight_smile:


They are mai fren cause they r noice and btw i met her on de furum


My first friend when I joined HF was
My first friend after I came back to HF was



idk. that was over a year ago. I don't remember lol.


My first friend was Pop tart.

thanks @PopTart0219 for always being there in the worst of times

Pop tart, you've always brightened up my day, and I've been meaning to say thanks for a long time

I've made so many amazing memories with you here!!! I am so happy that my idol, Pop tart, is on the forums

I hope this reaches out to you, and I love everything you do pop tart!!




What about regular hopscotch? Then that would be happywhale


My first friend was @HappyPerson!
She was so nice to me :D


My first friend was @tankt2016!


My first replier was @Dude73, and the first person who had a conversation with me was @VanillaOwl!

Then @EsteemedTrout talked with me a lot about my writing, and really liked it.

And then @Bananadog noticed me

And then a lot of things happened XD


I don't have any friends so I'd say my dad or @KVJ


Not to sound like I've lost my mind or anything but,
Isn't that you?


I could be your friend :slight_smile:


You got noticed by a lot of famous Hopscotchers



Thanks but I'm not on here that much I most likely doing my dads computer work or go to football that's a lot considering I live in the middle of no where


My first HS/F friend goes to my school
And he's great


My first friend was @GysvANDRegulus!
Or anyone in that Mature Club last year ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


My first friend was....trys to remember
@KVJ (I think)