Your Favourite Hopscotcher



Who is your favourite hopscotcher and why? I find that there are so many great hopscotchers that it may be hard to choose but if one hopscotcher stands out the most to you, is it there coding, personality, et cetera...?




Please use the Official Mass Tag List by Poptart. I'll get the link

^^^^^^^ This is the Official Mass Tag List. Please use this from now on, thanks!


me, justanotherhopscotcher, and @hopscotch_king


Nice topic! But please SBYP, there are quite a few topics like this!


thank you i was looking for it every where but couldn't find it @Bubbles4Ever929


My favourite hopscotcher is @KVJ why u may ask we here's where the story began

when I was a baby hop I posted a number of help me I'm stuck drafts and KVJ was the only person who would respond, he taught me, mentored me and became my bezzie senpei along the way and without him I wouldn't have hopscotch so thankyou so much I wanna hug u but that would be totally creepy lol so thanks for helping me u are a true friend @ kvj


La blush overload!

Thank you so much!!!! My reaction GIFs!!!


Lololololololol rofl happy senpei day lol wait we shud have a senpei day no one copy this idea I'm gonna make it


Thanks so much!!!
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Just saying the idea of the list is that u can use it on as many topics as u like because it's a list of peeps who are willing to be tagged in anything and everything so everyone is free to use it in all topics if they want to


No, you can't. It violates a rule.


Oh and they have already been to.d about the other topic and everyone's said it doesn't matter if it happens by accident like in this case where it was not known that there was a topic alteady


Would u please show me that rule sorry and r u the boy or girl of tankt


You can not go by what other people say. It could be a lie. It is a rule. Always follow the rule.

And it is the girl on.


@tankt2016 girl What do you mean by this?


Plus I have checked and @Sir_Spaghetti does not use the tag list in every post


He does. That means most of your topics too.


What other people say could be a lie. You never know.

It is a rule to not use the mass tag list on every single topic or most of your topics you or someone else creates.


Thanks for sharing that rule, @tankt2016!

However, please use a slightly kinder tone in future so you show that you're only trying to help :wink:


@Jess888 and @tankt2016 plz STOP ARGUING!!!!!!!!!!!
This is not good!