Your Favorite Projects On Hopscotch!



So once again, here I am…trying to make the forum a better place! Post your favorite projects of all time here(they can be your own too) and make sure to tag the person who made it (if they have a forum account).
Don’t post your same favorite projects twice
Nothing other than compliments on the projects and posting the projects
Don’t post links to anything except for projects!
@OMTL @TheCoders


This is hard to decide…
I like the kolidascope thing by kvj


Uh, the fish game 11 by JTG


My favorite self-made project:

Just because of the 35,000 views…


It’s really hard to choice, because Hopscotch has so many projects in many different categories and there are super many good projects that is out there! Here is some projects that I like, but there are much more project on HS that is really cool!

And lots of other cool projects!


Thanks for mentioning! :slight_smile:


Yeah agreed. That’s a really good project


There is already a 80 Hopscotctch Games to play before you leave


You wot


Omg thanks :000000000000


I like all projects made in Hopscotch :slightly_smiling_face:
Not the mean ones, of course, but I like playing all games made in the community! :smiley:
I can’t choose which game I like most!