Your favorite block on HS? [poll]



In this topic, I just want to discuss the most used and liked blocks on HS. Just curious about your opinions!

  • values & check once ifs
  • repeat
  • leave a trail
  • create a clone
  • last touch x; last touch y
  • set color
  • change x/y by...
  • set invisibility



Last touch x and y are values though XD


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I know! But they were really important additions to hopscotch! Here's a like!:heart:


Values are SO useful for my games!


Same w/ my text art! :D


I use values all the time!


Some people are choosing leave a trail blocks... maybe because it creates good backgrounds or art. :3


No Set Pos? ;-;
I use Set Pos a lot, just check out the 60+ Set Pos blocks I added in the Undertale project I edited and added on to.


Oops...sorry about that! Yea, they're really important!


Omg I saw it! It's just... WOW. Mind blowing! Phenomenal! Completely amazing! Love the collab project!