Your fav hopscotchers


I was wondering who your top three hopscotchers are so write that below
Myn is @OrangeScent1 @MagmaPOP and @Valgo1


For some reason I think it's a prank


why? @Razor


I dunno


@Razor do you always be nagative?


Cough cough there is already a topic about this mate so yeah !


Mine is @OrangeScent1, @Angidrawings, and @Rawrbear :smiley:


@Razor how could it be a prank and you guys should see my other topic called the coolest game I made


Mine is @SmileyAlyssa, @SnowGirl_Studios, and @VanillaBlossom! But I'm afraid there is a topic for this already. You should search before you post!


@PercyJackson @PercyJackson9 @Razor


@Anonymous @SnowGirl_Studios @PopTart0219


@Candycane @SmileyAlyssa @Dude73


Sorry, but there is already a topic about this. Please search before you make a topic to make sure you're not making a topic the forum already has. :wink:


So threre can be two of the same topics on hopscotch there is


Thanks dude your so sweet and nice


If there is two topics it will cause confusion and you don't need to tell anyone twice so please don't make them twice :wink:


There's not two of the same projects on Hopscotch!
And the other one is more famous, and the forum can have more than two of the same topics, it won't cause any problems, just it's better to search before you post to make sure there's not already another topic like this, if there is, that means another topic is not needed.
Don't want to clog the forum with a ton of topics of the same kind!


Please delete that offensive post.


Aaaaaawww your making me blush.:blush:`


I think anyone who tries are my favorite Hopscotchers. :slight_smile: