Your choice about presidency


Why would you want who you vote for to be president and if you were to be president and the vote do not turn out in your favor, how will you feel? Pls no argument or insultive words. Just ur opinion and leave others opinion alone.


I'd vote beyonce for prez


Idk, I'm in Canada, we don't even have a president. I don't fit in at this topic, bye. XD


Sorry if I'm being mean


Pls stop. This is not getting any funny. :rage: Let's just respect each other.



Thanks for the info :slight_smile:


This is their topic, and it was stated explicitly in the first post that there would be no fighting and no argumentative/insultive words.


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Whoever is posting off topic posts and inappropriate responses on this account should stop. It doesn't exactly contribute to the conversation and some of the posts could be taken offensively. Thanks.

Sorry @XiaoMiaoMi!


None of it was really mean, it was just a joke. No one was offended, I assume.
But to stay safe, I'll slowly back out of this topic...


Let's just leave it at that. But pls let's just go with respect. Plz


I do not see the need for 13 crying emojis, but if that's your opinion, then sure, fine.

I had personally hoped for a tie, as a tie would allow for the House of Representatives to call in a new candidate.


Agreed. Moving on?


Nice choice. I wouldn't have thought of that. :slight_smile:


Yeah. Agreed. So let's move on.


Thank you.

Unfortunately, I think a tie is now impossible with the current standings. Meaning we'll just have to continue watching as our country plunges further into purgatory.
I can see the emigration numbers rising already.


Not going to say..... sorry.


Okay by me.
Just 4 those who would like to share


New Zealand have no president, only Prime Minister John Key :3


Wanna see da progress.

  • Trump
  • Clinton
  • Someone else
  • Me (lol)