Your boy is leaving for the summer on friday


As the people who go to my school know, we are turning in our iPads on Friday. Sadly, even though Hopscotch was just released on iPhone, I don't have IOS on my phone. So this is pretty much my goodbye to @everyone

I will be back next year in August, this is not the last you will see of your boy wombat...

Thank you to everyone at Hopscotch for this amazing experience, Hopscotch has brought so many good things into my life. It all started with one tap, and then most good things that happened this school year were bvecause of it. AHEM! @CrookedCat6519 and I got interviewed by Apple a few weeks ago! @asha @Liza
Don't worry fam, we made sure to mention you as much as we could!

I started off thinking coding was beyond me, but then I got featured! So everyone who is about to give up on Hopscotch, don't. You will get featured eventually if you work hard on your projects! So peace out Hops. I will still be on Hopscotch Forum just to answer questions, and talk to fans

U are all amazing, I will miss all of you!


Good-bye for now, @TheBlueWombat81! I loved your featured game!


Cya around! Besides, you could still be on the forum, right?


yea, i think i mentioned that, right?


THX, i hope you have a great summer


Oh I missed that. And then you said goodbye so I thought you were leaving both.
My bad.


Goodbye see you soon!


I hate when that happens :rage::rage::rage::rage::rage:


All great things must come to an end.
—Whoever said that quote


its fine :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


i must not be great because i am coming back next august so thats not the end
i overthink stuff :smiley:


i am soooo sorry but i dont think ill be able to release cat simulator in time!
ill try my best tho


It's okay don't worry!


Schools almost started again, and you can guess re first thing I'm doing with that iPad!


Let me guess


Permission granted :joy: