Your best project



What is your favorite project that you made?

Me: E-Pad and Minigames


Not the best, but probably my

I actually learned what variables are while making it.

Sadly, all pre screenshot thumbnails (first ibject added) are now gone.


Probably my ummmm… one that I’m working on. It is a “background” of a saber fight.


I like all my projects and I think that they turned out good, but I think that the best one with most advanced code is currently my Pumpkin Carver Game that won the #HHC17 challenge.


Park Simulator

(Though my game “Smiley Bounce” got into game changers category)


Definitely OMIER:


Idk what I did right but laser snake was a good one


IT was featured and has 2k something likes


I see. My Game Changers isn’t my favorites either (Jelly Jump Remix - really?)…

yes it was my project

I like E-Pad


Probably my Marathon (That got featured) or my Retail Thcoon that I am working on but published Alpha like 4 days ago…