Your best artwork?



So you're a REALLY good artist or maybe... Not so good. Doesn't matter! Post a photo/link of your BEST piece of art that you did on hopscotch or paper! I really hope that people like it and its popular! If you think someone's is nice reply saying #loveit!


That's a good idea! :grinning: H̤̮a̤̮p̤̮p̤̮y̤̮ f̤̮a̤̮c̤̮e̤̮s̤̮.


Hmmm. This isn't very Hopscotch related. Why not our best Hopscotch art?





@Fifithefunnyflower used this as her profile picture!


Cause I'm awesome like that..


Idk I just bored


I'm afraid there is already a topic about this.


This is probably my best art:


Sorry, but is it okay if I use your profile picture as mine?
This is my best art:


I have so many so this took me a while to find.


Thanks kiwi! I didn't think of that. I'll work on it!:smile:


Done! I hope that's better!




Are you sure or do you think?


If the topic is now about Hopscotch... Why not publish a bit of art?


There is already the Drawing on iPad vs. paper topic- why not post your amazing work there! We loving seeing all your amazing artwork!


This topic in general- it's very similar to the Drawing on Paper compared to iPad (the one with 3000+ replies), and I think it would be best if we used this topic as a backup- and post more amazing artwork on that one!


Well it's your BEST artwork that you've done on both so it isn't the same


loveit**strong text**


How did you do strong text?
Anyway my best drawing on hopscotch is: