You (Yes, You!) Could Design A Level For Speedrun: The Game

doo doo doo disclaimer time
This event/competition/challenge is started by me (@Ren) and all the currencies, rewards, and prizes are handled by me, not Hopscotch. You can find other similar self-started events in the latest #competitions-and-events or #shops-and-requests topics, or even start one yourself. Because this is started by me, Hopscotch and the forum leaders are not involved or responsible in any of the transactions here.

Alright! Here we go!

Welcome to my new competition/event thing for my game Speedrun: The Game!

What is Speedrun: The Game?

Good question! If any of you don’t know what speedrunning is, it’s a term used commonly in gaming for when you try to beat a game or reach some achievement as quickly as possible. Typically this is not the originally the intent of the game, but speedrunners make up a good portion of the gaming community. (I myself Speedrun some games).

Now, here’s what Speedrun: The Game is. It’s a game where the whole idea is to speedrun a series of levels as fast as possible, with each level presenting a new challenge or obstacle for the player to learn to overcome. In Speedrun: The Game (yes I’m going to keep typing out the full name), the player must complete these levels as a timer ticks by in the background, recording their time.The player can see a leaderboard of their on best times, which will stay saved between plays and opening the project.

So what is this competition/event?

Again, I’m so glad you asked! I’m not the most creative person, especially when coming up with repetitive unique ideas. To put it simply, I need help coming up with levels.

This isn’t exactly a competition, because there’s no rewards for winning. No, I won’t be using all the levels, but there’s no reward. (Besides getting your level in my super epic game, of course) But still, I want to make it worth submitting a project. Everybody who submits a level idea will receive 7 seeds for their time. (Why 7? I couldn’t choose between 5 and 10.)

What are the requirements?

  • Level ideas must be submitted by this time: 2021-11-01T03:59:00Z
  • Levels do not have to be coded (although that would be helpful!) but I do have to be able to understand them. If you just submit an idea written as a post, you risk me not fully understanding the idea. If I can’t understand it, I won’t add it.
  • Levels but have a final achievable goal. This should be something that takes some amount of time to achieve, and preferably should be something that can be done faster the better you get and the more you’ve played
  • Levels should work with Hopscoth’s 2D graphics. The inspiration for this idea is the minigame Grid Runners in Minecraft (which you can absolutely use for ideas), but that is 3D. Anything that depends on 3d elements will not be possible. I’m up for a challenge though! Do the sky is the limits
  • If your level is not a link to a coded project,t then you must include your hopscotch username so that I can send you your seeds! (Note: only legitimate levels entered will be given seeds, I will approve of each when you send them, if it’s not legitimate or i can’t understand, I will tell you!)

Have fun everybody! If you have questions, feel free to ask!


I couldn’t figure out how to do it in the first post but @Name_In_Progress you should check this out!


Ooh, fun! I might submit a level :3


Sounds cool, I’ll try to submit something later. :]


This sounds like fun!
Is Speedrun: The Game (yes, I’m also typing out the entire name) a platformer? Or something else?


so technically this topic is for suggesting ideas for your platformer, right?


Yes But You Can Get Seeds and also I won’t chosoe them all

It was like a sorta kinda event competition thing but I didn’t know what to call it


What’s speedrun?


I talked about that in the first post here:

But if you’re still confused you could try looking it up, I know I don’t always explain things the best :))


Maybe a race track game, sort of similar to a quick solo race on Asphalt 8. You can go around the track, picking up boosts will temporarily speed you up, and hitting any obstacles (or taking a turn too sharply or not sharply enough and going off the track) will slow you down. It would be really, really cool coded in first person from in the car/right behind the car where you see all obstacles in real time, but it might be easier from a coding perspective to just have an object draw a random simple closed curve to serve as the track and have some obstacles randomly spawn (so an aerial view). I’d suggest maybe a joystick for controls, but tapping on either side of the screen also works really well for steering.

Anyways, let me know if any of that is unclear :))