You wanna host a contest?


Hi! So r u wanting to host a contest but don't know what to do?
Here ppl can write down contest idea which u can use. Once u pick a contest idea, please comment below on what idea u picked. Or do u need prizes? People can add prizes if they are able to give prizes and if u need someone to give prizes then add their prize to ur list. U could also get a contest helpers who is SOMEONE than can help u run ur contest.

-Make it appropriate
-If someone starts ( for example) a duck contest. Try not to start a duck contest until theirs is done
- it's on wiki edit so try not to mess stuff up please

-Add ur contest ideas or prizes but don't delete
Other people's ideas or prizes. If someone says they will give pixel art request but already 10 ppl are using their prize for the contest, try to pick another one so that person actually has time to make the prizes for the other contest. If u need advice or help then comment below.

Nomination for feature from @Ella_13
Likes from @Ella_13
Follow from @Ella_13

Baseball (MLB playoffs)
House making contest (real life looking house coded on HS )
Christmas contest
Best logo

Contest helpers( someone to help run contest):


Should I add contest helpers who help ppl run their contests? Does this whole thing make sense?


I can be a contest helper!




Cool topic! I need people to join/give prizes for my game contest!


Okay. Let's we if more ppl volunteer prizes



Anyone of y'all either wanna host a contest, volunteer prizes, or have contest idea?

If u have a contest idea or wanna colunteeer prizes then u can go and add them to the list


Can I be a host for a Thanksgiving contest?


I am going to host a Thanksgiving contest soon!! Can you be prizes for first?


So this is where someone can come to get ideas and prizes. If they need someone to help them then they can get a host.

Yes I can give prizes. Hopefully more ppl will colunteeer prizes. Do u need a host to help u?


Thank you for doing prizes!! Yes I would like a helper!! Can @EnchantedHopscotcher be my helper?


Yup. If she says yes then u can have her as a host

@EnchantedHopscotcher would u like to help host @CodePerfect contest?


Okay thanks!! Hopefully she wants to be!!


Last year, I hosted a Halloween Contest, but hardly anyone entered! I want to host a Halloween Contest this year!

There Would Be First, Second, And Third. Some of the prizes will change depending on if I have helpers and such.

First Place Prize: 1-3 Nomination For Featured, Pixel Art Request, 1-3 Follows, 10-30 Likes

Second Place Prize: 1-3 Follows, Pixel Art Request

Third Place Prize: Pixel Art Request, 10-30 Likes


I am hosting a competition which I started quite a while ago , and so far only three people have joined !, I started it in August , when lots of other people just copied me !,


I can help give prizes, @bluedogmc-official


Please add ur prizes to the prizes category. Like I did


Thanks! You can add in prizes here that you would like to give:


Thanks for giving prizes, I saw your edit!


Sure! XD

Sport, I didn't see this notification till,now D: