You underestimate my power



#I need

some advertising for a game that I am working on. I need some really good advertising. Please make some and I will feature you in the game where everyone can see. I just need a couple of advertisements. Help a fello coder. I will also like twenty or more of your projects.

People who need above


I will make an advertisement soon...


I asked my friend, and she said yes. Her name is -Saphira-, but unfortunately she doesn't have a forum account. She wanted to know your Hopscotch username and what the game is about.


Soo what is the game about? You can't have a ad with no game...


My username is Kayro {jibberish about on/off}
Just search Kayro

I made a advertisement about it check my profile


Can you just put a link?


I can't my sis deleted it
I thunk