You should be able to make clubs!


with a amount of people (as many as you want) you could team up to find out a name and work on projects together! :stuck_out_tongue:


That would be really useful when you're collaborating on projects together and coding them on Hopscotch :smiley:


exactly the reason i thought of it! :yum:


That's a great idea, @Tastycupcake! Maybe like a clubhouse where you work on projects, especially where you planned to work on a project together.


yeah! that is awesome @Berrymelon


Hmm, would a chatroom relate to your idea, @Tastycupcake?


I think some sort of commenting system would work for talking about ideas and code, like how collaborating on this forum works :smiley:


Oh, yes. that would work! We definitely need moderators, maybe?


yes @Berrymelon a chatroom would be awesome! :stuck_out_tongue:


yes, yes, and yes! both of you! :grinning:


But I'm sorta thinking to where @t1_hopscotch is thinking, a commenting system.


Oh, but how about moderators? What happens if someone talks about something not Hopscotch-related?


what is a commenting system again? :confused:


we should be able to ban them! but not to be mean! :neutral_face:


Well, actually, banning isn't really what I think there should be. If someone says something mean, how about a small warning? But if they say a lot of mean things, we can suspend for a small amount of days..


yes! a warning and if they disobey 3 times then they will be banned! good thinking! :grin:


chatroom,commenting system, suspending ,AWESOME ,so are you guys :yum:


Very good ideas guys @liza @ian @asha @Kiwicute2015 and @alish please consider this in a future update


please please! :blush:


you forgot @kiwicute2015 :stuck_out_tongue: