You should be able to keep editing a published project after pressing Home

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I was busy working on an update, when I accidentally hit the home button. No problem, I thought. I’ll just go back to the editor! But no, if you click the home button, you must update, or lose your work. That’s real nasty.

These two buttons practically do the same thing, but the home button is way worse

Clicking the triple dot menu is fine, because you can return to your project

Clicking the home button is lethal, there’s no way to return to your project, although nearly all the buttons here as the same as above

The exit is misleading, since it not only exits the menu, it exits the project and does not save your work. It’s in the same place as the “back” button.

At least PLEASE fix this UI

Why why why why

Please let me save my updates as a draft, or at least fix the home button issue!

It was a good thing my update was small, I just recoded it. I couldn’t imagine if I had built a large update.


I second this!


That is pretty problematic – I’m sorry about you losing your work in that case, even if it was relatively small.

On iPad it does let me dismiss the menus, if I tap on either Home or and then tap outside the menu.

On iPhone, there isn’t a back button when I tap Home, and it doesn’t let me tap outside the menu to dismiss it (for it does)

If I tap “Publish an update” and then press X, it does let me continue my work at least. But I agree we should let you dismiss the menu or go back at the very least, if you’ve tapped Home.


Thanks for the response, t1!

Oh, I didn’t think of clicking “Publish an Update” and then clicking the “X”. That’s a good workaround.

I’m super ecstatic about the update a project feature, and so I was really happy to use it for the first time!

Yeah for iPhone those two buttons are a little confusing because they are nearly identical.


I just moved this to a separate bug report topic, so we can mark this as #in-development

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This should now be fixed in Version 3.66.0.

When you press Home after editing a published project, there is now a “Cancel” button. Also the Exit option was renamed to “Exit without saving”, and it’s marked in red to make it clearer that you will lose your changes.

If it’s still happening, feel free to flag this topic to have it reopened.


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