You have found a secret Easter egg! Who could it beee?


Hey forum people,

Just wanted to let you guys know that today is my last day working for Hopscotch. I am sad to leave such an amazing team, community and product, but I’m excited about my new opportunities (I’m going to work for Major League Baseball).

Wanted to post something here so that you guys know I am not the person to reach out to for tech support/help with HS bugs.

I will still be around the forum from time to time and am happy to help people out with coding. Plus, you can still find me on Hopscotch as RodeoHero.

Thank you all for making this such a great place.



Oh, bye! We'll miss you, @thomas!

#3 ;n; goodbye....


Aw bye @thomas ;-;


You should change your bio to
"I work at Major League Baseball"


All Hopscotch will miss you, @thomas


I'm glad that you are excited for your new job!

I'm also sad to see you go.



You've done a lot for Hopscotch; it's sad to see you go.

Good luck with your new job! Working for Major League Baseball sounds exciting!

waves enthusiastically


Good luck!


Goodbye! I hope you have a nice time working for Major League Baseball!

still sad to see you go..


What?! It's been AWESOME seeing you here on the forum and will be very sad to see you go! It seems that you've got a cool new job and I hope that you've enjoyed working at hopscotch, as you and THT have made it SOO AWESOME. I hope to see you around on hopscotch on your account and the very best of luck with your new job!! :laughing:


Awwwwww no!
This is so sad!
I still hope you are happy wherever you are!
Bye bye!
I'm so sad still!
Bye ~Paige1212


No! I'll miss your help here and your leadership skills!

But MLB sounds fun to work at, and you'll still be on HS at least :)

I'll really miss you! ~SenseiCoder​:heart_eyes_cat:


:no_mouth:bye @Thomas hope you win some games


We will certainly miss you! You will be kept dear in out Hopscotch hearts! Now go make some home runs!


Baseball? What team?


Oh bye! We will miss you!



I will miss your voiceovers



We'll have fun and bye! Thanks for helping us!


Sorry I'm late but goodbye @thomas! You've been a great help.

Thanks for that time when you checked out the drawing glitch based on something I showed :blush:

Best of luck in life!