You have been SOO supportive



You sure have been nice
And so inspiring too!
Believing in me
The way that you do!

You've always been there
Right from the start
While I've struggled along
Towards the dream in my heart

Sometimes it seems
I'll get nowhere at all
When I'm trying my best
Then just run into walls!

But your praise is encouraging
No matter how tough it gets
And I'm proud I can say
I haven't given up yet!

You've been so supportive!
And what a difference it makes
Thank you for everything!
You've really been great!

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It is the return of @CrazyGoat! Where were you???

Ok, I know, GBOT, I was only asking a question...


I was...

read this topic lol:



Please keep all of your posts on one topic!


@SmileyAlyssa, I think you have a fan :D


Here's a like! :heart:
That was amazing! Did you write it yourself?


Nice :thumbsup:

just a guess

Are you @Stampys_fans?


Thank you so much :blush:

:joy: I know who you are, and thank you!


Why were the others flagged and unlisted? Umm @trust_level_4 why would you unlist them? :disappointed:


Just a tip: I know you love SmileyAlyssa and all, but please don't spam (it means to make multiple topics that aren't needed or to type a word a ton of times or advertise without asking for feedback) the forum with it.
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Thanks, but @SmileyAlyssa_FAN wasn't spamming. Someone flagged and unlisted their topics so nobody could see! :frowning: So they had create new ones! @tankt2016