You guys are so nice!


Edited because this was mean -JaggedJeans

They listed a bunch of people and said they were rude, even though the people listed did nothing @Ella_13 (I ran out of replies)

@ella_13 yes you were listed :frowning:

@Refugeecat123 I don't know, bcuz this is a community account so everyone's anonymous. -JaggedJeans


Sorry, please forgive me!


Woah Nelly™


Ummm okay then.

I guesss I am rude.

Thank you for the opinion! :smiley:


what have y'all got against ol' gilberto?
@smishsmash is not rude
@Maltese is defenitely not rude
@happyfacegirl is not rude
@Sweetlina is not rude
@AlohaHawaiiStudios is not rude
@Ella_13 is NOT SUPER rude
@Gilbert189 is never mean!
@Waffle_Draws is not rude
@Refugeecat123 is not rude
@Mathgirl is not rude
@Malie is not rude
@AvocadoDont is not rude
all these people are super nice!
@you is really rude


edited bcuz this is mean


Even though I agree, it's best not to say that! R u friendship?


What did they say that was rude in the original post? @JaggedJeans

I didn't see it. I only saw the Edited part


Sorry, please forgive me!


I'm so confused

They just said that I was one of the few ppl that wasn't rude
I'm confused


Who r u then? Jess888?


you were on the list


thats who i am


@JaggedJeans Was I one of the ppl listed in the original post?

@BellaWafflez17 got it now. Thank you! I was just confused


Who was saying the mean stuff?


And being called super rude is not far from he truth XD

It's weird. On the forum
I'm rude. In real life I'm popular, athletic, pretty and nice


Thank you so much!

Ya know what I want?
Peace and not cheesy positivity, real positivity!
No hate :D


I'm being called rude again? :D
Thanks! :D

Sorry, your hate is never going to get to me. Please stop hating on everyone it's not working.
Because my hate is giving me more things to laugh about :D




Whoever posted this on @snowangel: That's your opinion. You think all those people are mean? I think they're all nice!

Please don't have this turn into the Snowball incident we had yesterday...

Honestly, what do people have against Gilbert and some other people lately?