You don't want to sell me deathsticks



Ok I’m bringing back my art club! It wasn’t a good art club at the time… I made one challenge and that was to draw an animal.
Off of the sadness of my HS art club. I am making a forum art club!
We will do art challenges and maybe a coding challenge here and there for the HS members. There will be prizes for the top 5 and 3 honorable mentions*. You should really join!
*depending on how many members if it is a small amount it will drop to the top 3.
So you might be asking how do I get in? Well I bet ur not asking that but who cares!
Here is how u get in…

What do u like to draw-
Do u have a HS account-
Will u be nice and not flame war things-
(Put in an image of a drawing here(optional))

I will also check here…

Ok that was ur form quote it to get in or whatever. I shall warn u this is a very weekly hard challenge thingy so be prepared. Oh and for the summer u will probably be off of this topic. Just for a while. School IPads am I right?

#well what are u waiting for… Join
draw you. Self portrait time! Unfortunately this is the last challenge before your artist summer break.

Oh and current members (this will update)
-@Kayro (creator, judge)
-@AppleJuice,Rougewolf, and Dragonboy175 (judges)

Drawing on Paper Compared to an iPad (shading, shaping, etc.) Topic 11 [OFFICIAL]
Drawing on Paper Compared to an iPad (shading, shaping, etc.) Topic 11 [OFFICIAL]

what will the challenges be like?


Art challenges like draw something that reminds u of a beach. It could be a beach or the ocean or a simple seashell.
Maybe that will be the first one.
Then on Sunday I will judge them with my team and see which should be the winner.
unlike most art clubs I will not pick ones that look physically amazing I will pick creative ones!


ah, okay. i'll have to pass, then, i don't like prompts much as i do challenges


Ok! Well have fun elsewhere! And I don't mean it in a mean way. I'm just saying if ur passing then u can do something else like a different challenge thingy!


username- ExquisiteSoup
What do u like to draw- Fantasy characters
Do u have a HS account- Yes
Will u be nice and not flame war things- I promise.
(Put in an image of a drawing here(optional))

That's an old drawing btw


It nice ur in!


When's the first challenge?


The second one shows my first name so tell me if that's sharing personal information


the challenge is

Draw something that reminds u of spring.Whether it be flowers or an OC covered in springtime. Or a landscape. Maybe even a mystical creature that relates to spring.
Deadline sunday at noon central time
Results Sunday afternoon central time


Wait is this drawing on paper or iPad?


Any! Oh and ur in.
U choose which ever medium u want.
U could even code it!


Can I join?
Also, I'll be showing WIPs, so I'll delete those ASAP.



@DECODECO use the sign up sheet to join and these r good.



U in!
Welcome to the club decode!




I can't upload a picture right now.


It ok u in!
Welcome to the club.

The challenge is up above.