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Hi! So, many of you know me as a troll probably, but I may be very formal sometimes. (This is all on the forum)
How do you think I should talk like?

  • Formal please!
  • Talk like you do now
  • Don't reply to old posts -___-
  • Don't troll
  • Trolling is fine
  • Write long paragraphs like @oio!
  • Leave the forum


You may choose up to 6 options.


REPLY TO OLD POSTS AND TROLL!!! And write long paragraphs!!!like @oio


First vote, plz keep trolling, plz, formal unless trying to brighten someone's day, rawrbear, and do heaps of long paragraphs
- yours falsely F4LO
- yours truely me!


I got in trouble by @Kiwicute2016 when doing it :pensive:, don't!


I...just I...what

@Follow4LikesOfficial idc. Just take it down a notch on puns (well idc but whatever)


Lol talk however you want to


Ok, I forgot to add that in the poll, well, same category as trolling.

Yeah, but some people are getting angry/annoyed because I troll make really really really bad puns. Just wanted to ask the community


Hmm... 6.72 people say leave because 0.16 * 42 votes is 6.72
which means 56% of people say so because 6.72 / 12 is 0.56, times 100 to get 56%
:insert_nerd_emoji_because_ :computer: :


The forum does percentages by person. That's why you can do 5 100%s.

So, 1.96, or about 2 people said to leave.


Pls don't write paragraphs tho, I barely understand what oio says


Sorry, I've already started doing it


It's past the point of no return. NOOOOO


Personally, I think the "trolling" trend is getting a little annoying, becuase most of the stuff where you put a tiny "jk" at the end doesn't add anything productive to the topic, and kinda turns into spam.


Thanks for the opinion, but I only did that 3 times. I'll try not to though.


Butterfly effect, my friend


That's just an example. Don't take this personally though, becuase irl I'm like the least formal person in the world(like seriously I would be sitting with the president and just say" hey wassup?") but online, formalities make it way faster to get right to the point.


I like the butterfly effect idea for lots of reasons, whether it's "real" or not.

Since you've asked, @Follow4LikesOfficial, I encourage you to speak in whatever way best shares your best thoughts. What matters is not the number of words or how brilliant or noobish somebody else thinks they make you sound. What matters are the ideas that they get across and the kindness they convey - here, at school, home, anywhere. I guess, some topics may seem complex enough to require "paragraphs", but, generally, simpler is better.

We read that Steve Jobs' last words were "OH WOW. OH WOW. OH WOW!" I hope that we can express the same thing every day - without the dying part - and that whatever we have to say will make others do the same.


Being all formal makes you even more mysterious. :ghost:


Found a typo!


Hey do you want to be on news 4? Sry 4 off topic