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Is it just me or the fourm’s been a bit laggy and slow today?

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Do you have other tabs open? Trying closing them. Having tabs open uses more RAM to keep open.

Me, I literally had a brieft Wi-Fi interruption


I only have one other tab open. Idk why it’s just being slow. My internet is fast so idk

Actually, I take it back. it keeps going from 4 to 3 bars,maybe that’s the problem?

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You could also clear all history (not that it’ll ever actually work), but that will cause you to be logged out automatically.

And I don’t think doing a RAM reset (long press power button until power off options show up, then long press the home button (use assistive touch’s home button if your device doesn’t have one hardware-wise) until the lock screen (if you have a passcode) or the home screen appears) will do anything either…


4 bars?! Are you on a desktop computer? Or are you on a mobile phone using cellular?

More bars just mean better signal strength. You only really need one to search the web without issue…


Not like I could do it anyway. I have restrictions on both my personal and school devices.

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I’m on a ipad

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omg there is no four bars

I cannot count! I’m so sorry!

I meant 3 and 2 bars Ack

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So 1 bar means the connection is poor (and likely to kick you off the Wi-Fi at any moment)

2 bars means the connection is good.

3 bars means the connection is excellent.

Btw, is your Low Power Mode on by any chance? Having it on limits the frame rate to 30 FPS.


oh yeah, it’s always in low power mode.

The moment I realize: :woman_facepalming:t4::woman_facepalming:t4::woman_facepalming:t4:

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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Yeah, you should really only use it if your device is getting low and you’re unable to get to a power source to charge it. That’s what it’s mainly used for.

It should last you up to 10 hours even without the mode…


I use it a lot because at school I need it to last and I should really stop lol

Anyways gtg thanks again :slight_smile:

Oh and plus I made a focus to auto put it on so maybe I should delete that…


Alr, see you later.

Really? I have an automation that automatically turns on Low Power Mode on my phone when it drops below 35%…


slow internet prob (your side not server side)

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my pfp might be too big, you can’t really tell what it is?

is my pfp good? I have more like it, which might even look better.
  • yes
  • no
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public cause why not


I think it looks good, but you can change it if you want, after all, it’s your pfp!

edit- It looks like flowers and trees to me, if that’s not what it is then whoops :sweat_smile:

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I love flowers, but I’m not sure if this one is better than the rest, I could alternate through the weeks


i’ve decided i won’t be posting bfsrc to “braynee202”, & will instead post it to a new account. i just created the new account, & some issues seem to have arisen.

the account is called “bfsrc [official]” [user id: 7073829], & bfsrc [official], unlike braynee202, is insisting that advanced mode is required to change the profile picture [at all], save any project [advanced or not] to the account’s drafts, or start a draft. is this a newer change to hs i’m not aware of or an issue?

e: …aaaaaaand i just got password locked out.

this poll should make A LOT more sense
  • omg cool pfp I like it so much you should change it to something more awesome
  • it’s so bad, change it now (please pick this one so my feelings aren’t hurt /hj)
  • ok it’s interesting, bold choice, I don’t like it, so stick with this one
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is this one better


What am I supposed to choose?
You made all the choices bad XD /lh /hj