You Can Talk About Hopscotch Here; Topic 30 [OFFICIAL]

I fixed that one. Try the Riddles toy bin game (it has a blue BG) I haven’t fixed that one yet.


I found this in the code.


Oh, wait, yeah I just saw that.
But, the items are also misplaced just like in @/rapterdragon83’s QUEST 2 a platformer winter mode #HCC20 (leaderboard updated) by Rapterdragon83
But, I know for a fact that when rapterdragon83 first released this project, all the items were where they should be.

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Maybe the items were moved into the bottom corner like this, and there were no set position blocks, so now we have to have set position blocks in every item.

Sorry if I said a lot :slight_smile:

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I love this game :heart:

Every day, I try to beat my highscore!

You deserve a mushroom on this amazing project :mushroom:


I got like 90 on it. I once knew like 155 digits of pi. That is a really fun game. I just thought of a nice use for my last 5 seeds…


The text I’ll fix. I just need to change the icon’s Z-index.

I made it that way because the space gem and star fragments will be in every single level in the full release version. I could add some code to test that it actually exists.

If we got a match length block (a block that would return the number of iterations of a string), I’d be able to add the limitation for the star fragments.

Ex: set (var) to length((match (x) in (x143xx5hy5x)) // returns 4, as there are 4 x’s in the string.

The (match text) block (not to be confused with the matches conditional). Returns an array with what you are matching (regex compatible)

This is basically JavaScript’s

var str="peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers"
var count = str.match(/[p]/gi).length; // returns 9

I got a score of 61.


It goes to 100 currently I will add more when I get the time.


i see no prob with that project on my side


it happens on every project that doesnt have a set pos block (for me)

what is needed to have this community more online? i have some ideas for a while now:
  • reform my events (weekly coding events and math+science events)
  • host a competition
  • code a multiplayer game
  • write some coding tutorials/tricks

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im determined we can be more active, cmon guys lol



I think your doing a great job making the community more active! Imo I think the main reason the forum seems so empty is because of the lack of users, I’ve already made plenty posts about it but once again, it’s super hard to find the forum, so no one knows about it.

Lots of people (not talking about you or anyone specifically) dislike people talking on the Hopscotch app, but this problem could easily be solved by getting people who chat on the app to chat on the forum instead.


@Spy_Guy_96 I just looked into your code (via, and I like how everything is set up. There is a better way to disable certain collisions temporarily rather than changing the collision data. Maybe for a future platformer (unless you are out of ideas).

For my collisions, I generally use a variable called “Inactive Tiles” to determine which tiles are solid or intangible. I used this for the door tile. Since the collision data is never changed (in fact, all of the collisions are based on the Level Data itself), the collisions are never offset. I’ll be using this approach for my Vanish Blocks and Blinking Blocks (since I just realized getting the tile’s invisibility value will be next to impossible. You could do it via broadcasts, but that would take a frame too many)…

I’ll be interested in hearing what you think of my setup (basically, your code modified) and how everything works. I will need to change the data value of Vanish Blocks though, since they need to be set up as a Semi-Solid Platform… I might actually add that block next :eyes:


I like the idea for a new multiplayer game, but if we try to be more active, then a competition is better.


13 more days till I have visited 365 days :eyes:


You forgot Clash of the Creators under your events :rofl:


47 days till I visit 1000 days :eyes:


woah this place got an update, huh?


yep it did! welcome back haha :)