You Can Talk About Hopscotch Here; Topic 30 [OFFICIAL]

Released [Beta 20a]

  • Update the entire level data values
  • Updated the demo level

Frame Rate improved by 3 FPS (32 FPS compared to only 29 FPS, tested with 140 enemies with enabled collisions). Woo-hoo!!

@Spy_Guy_96 @Tri-Angle @ClownPig


New Record: 38 FPS with 140 enemies, getting closer to the FPS Spy_Guy_96 has.

Edit: Correction, I am around the same FPS Spy Guy 96 is.

Spy Guy 96’s FPS (on Raccoon with a Broom): 44-46
My FPS (on When Worlds Collide): 47-49 (the old version had an average FPS of 34, so the new version improved by 14 frames per frame rate)

Both tested with 108 enemies (12×9)

Decided to abandon the local collision type approach to improve performance…

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Why is this topic so inactive??

Released [Beta 20b]

  • Fixed an issue where the inventory would close when attempting to scroll
  • Added the Spikes on Dirt Wall variants (This took a while to get the collisions working as expected)
  • The locked door and tampered glass tiles now correctly show in the inventory.
  • Menus now fade in and out twice as fast.

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Hello, welcome back!!!


Because everyone is coding, and you’re putting all When Worlds Collide updates in the YCTAHH.

(Not saying that it’s wrong to do this)


The game is still in Beta, so I post its updates here. Posting it in the beta category would’ve been the smarter approach, but I didn’t want to go through the trouble of setting it up and wait for it to be approved…

As for full version updates (if those ever come), I don’t know if I’ll be able to create another topic in the Project Updates category, as I already have one for TAOS.


Hey, what a coincidence. I have 4 different grass tiles (Grass, Snow, Strange Grass, and Strange Snow) and 4 different worlds I’m planning on making… so I could make the first half the World Squaeyron is from, and the other an Alien World… After all, an alien world did collide with Squaeyron’s world (cartoon logic is so weird. If that happened IRL, the planets would be totally destroyed).


@kiyomiiii helo!! great to see you on the forum! i was inactive over the weekend [as i unfortunately must always be] but @/Tri-Angle is correct, my hs account has been deleted. i regularly post to the forum, so feel free to say hi whenever!

[nope, i didn’t forget you! the hsac is very important to me!]


Maybe I should change my method for generating tracks… it’s completely fine for shorter tracks, but if I wanted to make longer tracks like (ADOFAI SPOILERS) 12-X Artificial Chariot with 327 tiles, it would take 2,289 clones! Not exactly something you would want…

I can also be lazy xd


I’m currently implementing the fix and

(the planets being big is intentional)
turns out I forgot to change a variable lol

  • The ladder tiles will also be added in the game. I just imported the images (which includes the Ladder on Dirt variants).

@Spy_Guy_96 @Tri-Angle @ClownPig




This one’s a big one. Released [Beta 21a]

  • Added dirt wall variants for Key, Crate, Semi-Solid, and Tampered Glass to the Inventory
    • You can now scroll the Inventory left and right.

@Spy_Guy_96 @Tri-Angle @ClownPig


I’m back :crazy_face:

Something wild is coming soon, hint: :egg: :rabbit: :two::three:

Hopscotch ??? ???? 2023



Get ready, because for the next update, I’m going to make it so placing an entity (except for trampoline tiles) on top of a dirt wall tile won’t replace the dirt tile, but rather add on to it.


Released [Beta 22a], perhaps the biggest beta of them all…

  • You can now place certain tiles on top of Dirt Walls
    • Removed the Dirt Wall variants of tiles from the inventory
    • Added a new Creator tutorial section when first loading Level Creator
  • Fixed an issue where using the Alt Key would place a dirt wall instead of erasing the tile

(The scrolling of the inventory was not removed, there’s just not enough tiles to allow you to scroll yet).

Editor Tutorial Section 8/8:

"Certain Tiles can be placed on top of Dirt Wall Tiles. Simply tap on the dirt tile with the tile you want to place selected. Tiles that are not supported will replace the dirt wall tile instead.

Supported Tiles: Semi-Solid Platform, Spikes (both variants), Swap Point, Enemy Blocker, All Enemies, Coin, Key, Crate, and Tampered Glass" [1]

@Spy_Guy_96 @Tri-Angle @ClownPig

Edit: REALLY Fixed Turret’s fireball that I broke with this update… :sweat_smile:

  1. and more to come ↩︎


For all this to work, I had to use Alternating Caps (AaBbCc…YyZz), and for entities, I used ascii characters (also with alternating caps).

This allowed me to…

A. Differentiate the entities from the normal tiles via the matches block
B. Use the matches block to handle collisions
C. Easily set up the code to place entities on top of Dirt Walls, and pick the enemy without picking a null tile (as the dirt wall variants don’t exist in the inventory).

An example: A coin is data value Ć, and the dirt wall variant of the coin is ć
Not all lowercase letters are dirt wall variants. For example, B = grass, but b = dirt (the block)

BTW, here's what the demo level code looks like


Confusing. I know… I did have to fix some tiles due to the changes (which I totally missed prior to releasing the beta version)…

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Just curious – why do you post these here as opposed to the gput? It’s harder to follow along with your progress here and the gput was made for this reason, so I’m curious why you post here.


Because my brain works in mysterious ways /j

I didn’t even think of posting it in the General Project Update Topic, lol… Guess I forgot about it…

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hi guys

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