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You forgot to give me 20 likes on a project of choice in the Hopscotch Inspiration Contest!!!

I also didn’t got prizes from anyone else :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I meant “get”

4 Likes (For when it goes live)

I just released [Beta 18c]


  • Re-did every dirt related tile to reduce the unnatural tiling pattern (the grass still tiles unnaturally, but I’m not worried about that…)
    • @StarlightStudios suggested adding variants to make it more natural, so I went with this approach instead. I’m so glad I did, it looks so much better, and it looks like it actually fits in…

Screenshot taken from the modded player:

@Spy_Guy_96 @Tri-Angle


Working on the next update for cooking creatures! Quests will be the main source of progress through out the game, and your first quest will be picking up Jasmine’s cookbook. You’ll meet her next update! This update will probably triple the amount of content in the game!


Please reply if you have any thoughts/questions!

spent way too long on this haha- walk to finger code! ftu with credit! also you’re gonna need an upside-down version of ur character if you want it to look normal when they’re walking. will get a web explorer link too so you can see it.
here try this

@PuppyDogsThatCode check this out!


Anyone coding?



coding this ^^


@omtl @Potato.exe

Hey, this doesn’t belong in its own topic so I’m posting it here,

So yall know old CRT/Tube TVs and how they had those colourful lines go across the screen (ahh good times, still remember when they shocked me as a child)

Anyways, I was wondering if one of yall could code that effect for a game I am making

Must allow for the ability to interact with items behind it (like clicking on something)

I’ll pay 130 seeds



So I decided to get back here again, it’s been a while. I just updated my profile because there were a lot of things that had changed since I last updated it (which was 1.5 years ago)
I haven’t touched the Hopscotch app for at least half a year now, maybe even more. I’ve had so much to do lately, with school, drawing, and my social life (which is more online now). My life has literally changed, but I’m happy to be back


Released [Beta 19a]


  • Finally added Snow and Strange Snow to Level Creator
    • Strange Snow is pinkish-white instead of the usual blueish-white
    • To access these tiles, set “Snowy” to ON in the theme switcher.
    • Tiles are not yet slippery in the Snowy Theme, but it can be easily added.


  • Updated the data code to support the new snowy theme (BG is now 0s1 instead of just 0, where s1 means snowy is set to true. s0 = normal)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where the import option would sometimes return an error even though the entire code was, in fact, valid, and should’ve imported successfully.

Quick Fixes:

  • The Level will now correctly load with the snowy theme when going back into the level editor after saving via the Save Option.

@Spy_Guy_96 @Tri-Angle


Hey there. Welcome back.


A recap on every tile that will be in the game (sorted by type)

All Tiles (there's 35 unique images spanning across 28 tiles, 10 of which are entities. Enemies have not been listed)


  • Grass
  • Dirt
  • Dirt Wall
  • Coin on Dirt Wall
  • Semi-Solid on Dirt Wall
  • Snow
  • Strange Grass
  • Strange Dirt
  • Strange Dirt Wall
  • Coin on Strange Dirt Wall
  • Semi-Solid on Strange Dirt Wall
  • Strange Snow


  • Semi-Solid Platform

Special Tiles:

  • Enemy Blocker
  • Swap Point
  • Coin Bonus Goal


  • Spikes
  • Ceiling Spikes


  • Coin
  • Star Fragment
  • Gem
  • Key
  • Locked Door
  • Crate
  • Tampered Glass
  • Trampoline
  • Vanish Block
  • Dash Block (Right)
  • Dash Block (Left)
  • Sticky Floor
  • Sticky Wall (Right)
  • Sticky Wall (Left)
  • Sticky Wall (Both Sides)
  • Pink Blinking Block
  • Blue Blinking Block

@Spy_Guy_96 Question: In your game, besides the enemies, coins (and its variants), crates, coin bonus goal, TNT, and glass blocks, which tiles in your game are entities, and which ones are actual static tiles? Decorations tiles you can leave out.


wow, this new version is great!

I have a question tho, instead of creating multiple different projects for each version, why don’t you just update your current one, so you can save the likes and views.


I’m using an old (almost expired) beta version where the images don’t upload correctly when publishing an update. And I can’t use the newer version because of the Blurry Image bug. So I had to make some compromises.

Any bug fixes or tweaks that have nothing to do with adding images, I’ll use the update feature.


oh ok, that makes sense. and I’ve also realized that with how big your updates are, it would be hard to update it all at once, as you can’t save the update when the update isn’t finished, if you use the “ publish an update “ feature instead.


Actually, I could. I can literally just disable the entire game when an important update is unfinished (but where’s the fun in that? I would never want to take away your playing experience).

I also made a tweak to my tile data value, in a way that makes it perfect for the matches block (I’m using alternating cases for the tiles and entities, where the tiles are the normal alphabetical letters, and the entities are ascii characters)… This hasn’t be added in the game yet, but I’m planning on it…


true lol

anyway, your game is looking awesome! I really like how smooth everything is, especially the level creator menu.



Also, did you know you can actually scroll the inventory (or rather, will be able to)? The code is set up in a way that will allow you to scroll it once there are too many tiles to fit on the screen.

There might be a bug I’ll have to fix after it’s scrollable (but then again, maybe not…)

And maybe with the data value change, the performance will be much better :eyes:


woah, that’ll be awesome! could you tag me for future updates?



I’m going to start working on [Beta 20a], which will have the updated data values, and perhaps even introducing the other planed tiles (the 5 other enemies that are planned will be added in a much later version, right after the Hopscotch bug is fixed).