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11h 44m left until New Years Day for me…


Who’s excited for the new year?

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@894 I looked at your bio. I know you were just joking, but I’m actually a bit of a techno geek myself (I’m not even joking), and I am really good with computers. I don’t know how to build computers, but I am able to fix certain issues regarding computers. I also like using keyboard Shortcuts a lot.

For example, on a Mac, if you press the enter key after highlighting any file on your desktop or in a folder (or even the folder itself), you can quickly rename the file/folder, rather than right clicking and tapping “Rename” in the drop-down menu.

Alt+Shift+Volume buttons on a Mac will increase or decrease the volume by smaller amounts. You can also do this with brightness.

Programming is my favorite thing to do on my free-time, especially when coding via Notepad (I have made a few batch programs, including a working digital clock, WIP Rubik’s Cube, and a simple game.

You coding anything at the moment?



I’ve encountered a strange bug with your hexapawn game.
When I went with my 2nd pawn to the middle of the board, a black piece took my pawn, but then the computer would have did 2 turns, and have gotten an extra piece!

Here is a video:

I’m currently doing some tests, and trying to find uncommon bugs.


Hmm. I’ll have to look into the code for that pattern (xxx+o+o+o, which uses config 2).

I also seem to have forgotten to add some code to prevent you from tapping multiple things at once :sweat_smile:

Did you tap on another spot at the same time you tapped the available spot, by any chance? That’s how I accidentally got checkmate on my first turn, lol…


Nope, I didn’t do that.


Now that I’m thinking about it, maybe it’s because I missed two crucial moves that the AI could’ve done, and it’s doing a move labeled “0,” which doesn’t exist…


I think I found the culprit:

Now to figure out why it’s doing that…



  • Fixed a few bugs
    • You can no longer tap on two or more objects at once to cheat at the game.
    • Fixed an issue where the game would use an unknown configuration letter on move 2.
    • Added missing letters to Config2.

I had to unpublish and republish so it would work properly on your end…

Don’t worry about the delay, that’s the glitch prevention doing its job.

@Spy_Guy_96 I just played your “minesweeper without variables” game, and won with a time of 80 seconds (after 2 failed attempts, one of them being due to an invalid neighbor count, which was a super rare event that I encountered).

Who knew things were possible using only Trait Variables and no “Custom” (yellow) Variables.


Nice. I got a time of 22 seconds after some attempts, but that was with some guessing and a lot of luck lol.


i guess you’re staying, i’m glad :)


I just played it again and got a new win time of 57 seconds.


Updated my art pad “StarPad Pro” to version 0.4

  • the automatic HSB to RGB conversion is now instant, and the RGB to HSB conversion now only takes 2 frames as opposed to 4 frames.

@Tri-Angle this particular part of the update might interest you a little…

I had to make a few compromises to make the conversion real-time (like making it less code efficient)…


i personally prefer to not have any if/else so my code is cleaner, but it also makes my entire code instantaneous lol

well, instantaneous for now. i think i might spend an extra frame for the websafe color


Yeah, but I didn’t have enough time or effort to convert many if else conditionals to variable based equality statements. Lists/arrays would be great for things like converting hexadecimal to RGB (well, the letters to numbers 6 times in one frame, which is almost impossible to do with frame recursion without womping).

I would do anything for arrays to be added to Hopscotch, and there are so many new things that would be possible using them (especially when using them in super unique and creative ways. Legends like COAN, Awesome_E, ThinBuffalo Sr, or even Spy Guy 96 would most likely use them in a way no one would ever think to use them).


There’s a bug where you can go through the object going down and I don’t know why. Can anyone help?


Bugged D-Pad by StarlightStudios

“Bugged D-Pad” by StarlightStudios. Made using the free Hopscotch app!


I did also noticed it wouldn’t let you go up after colliding the object from below after moving to either side, until you moved away from it by moving down.

I’ll see what I can do to figure it out.

Ok, I got it to prevent you from moving through the object, but I’m unable to prevent it from going to the side while pushing against the solid object. There’s nothing I can do because it’s due to how the collision based rules behave.

Variable based collisions are clean because they can detect a collision before it happens, so the object never clips into one for a brief frame, which can also cause another collision check to take action.


Happy new years :fireworks::sparkler:


Happy New Year to you too.

:tada: Happy 2023!!! :tada: