You Can Talk About Hopscotch Here; Topic 30 [OFFICIAL]

This isn’t a big enough deal to make a whole topic but can someone debug this project please



First tip: Get the seed block :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::sob::joy::joy::joy::joy:(help me) :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: /j


Hey Starlight!

When the Seed Developer Program is open, the participants usually get the block

Or you could apply when the applications open again (not SDP applications)

Good luck on your journey :fire:


I know, they haven’t been open since I joined the forum and the spring ones were cancelled this year :frowning:



Hope they open again, dying to create a new sdp game

When they do come back, I’m sure you’ll be accepted without a doubt!


@MarkerGames when will your tapper game be out of construction? Sorry if I sound impatient lol


whats the problem? your code is doing everything you ask it to do, but i cant help because i dont know what you want it to do—in the future, try to explain the bug in the post as it makes it a lot easier to help:)


usually? /gq


Whoops! Sorry about the delay, :sweat_smile: I haven’t really done much so far, and am getting more busy on weekends, and making a lot of drafts, really sorry about that! Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get the pet crates sorted out?
I know people are getting impatient, this is for everyone who plays to know.
I also knew somebody would eventually ask, it’s ok if you’re impatient.


Oh and also I’m checking the forum for regular lol


Sorry sorry sorry!!! I updated it fixing the obvious problem, but I forgot to say the less obvious one lol. Before the update it was totally glitching out moving everywhere and it was pretty obvious, the bug that you can’t see is a problem where after two dots are connected, you start a new path and the next dot you place isn’t connected to the other two. I always mention the bugs if they aren’t obvious like this, forgot to make a reply though so sorry about that!


no its fine dw:)

i thought that was the bug but didnt want to assume anything
for that, you rotate between broadcasting the messages “object 1” and “object 2”
when “object 2” is broadcast, the square makes a clone
but when “object 1” is broadcast, no clone is made
dont know why you have separate messages being broadcast but wouldnt it be simpler to just do 1 message?

i can look into it more tomorrow if you cant find a solution


The original project before that was to achieve a different task, and I modified it to make a new project which is why some of the code looks more complicated than needed. I will look into that, thanks!


Ok just updated it and it works 50% of the time but sometimes it goes all over the place ://

Edit: Should be fixed now!


Same, I also really want the seed block!


Hi. Just as a reminder, you can ask a moderator (Awesome_E, Pumpkin, t1_Hopscotch, Yuanyuan, etc) in the Leader Q & A topic how close you are to becoming regular. Looks to me like you’re really close. Good luck.


We have bug fixes for both of these coming

It would definitely be helpful to have some more details for this.

There is a bug report topic here which you could reply to:

I have some questions to investigate further (you could answer here, and I can move it, or you can answer in the bug report)

  • are you in the new editor or the classic editor? Is this happening when you press Play from a scene that is not the first scene?
  • was the project created before 3.57.0?
  • do you have a project link where this is happening?

@Crosbyman64 I made two initial reports for some bugs you’ve brought up

I appreciate you bringing up the information, but realistically it’s much harder to get back to bugs brought up in posts here.

  • the bookmark system in Discourse is not very good for these — it’s more appropriate for short term reminders
  • It’s much easier to link a single bug report topic with the relevant info, for another team member to look at

So it greatly decreases the chance that a bug can be looked at sooner.

I created those two topics, if you want to add more information to the first one at least.

I will not create topics for these anymore in future. We generally prioritise investigating bugs that have a bug report topic.

If you have suggestions for how to make it easier to create bug report topics, we would be happy to hear them here: Making it easier to create bug reports

Edit: for the second bug, I saw there is a topic already created here, so I will delete the extra one I made Blank text object causes whitespace in variable name


-new, yes


-I will edit history it as it’s a secret project

Edit: the forum is glitched it won’t let me put it in edit history I will do it later


Thanks a lot — I realise this is a separate issue to the project going blank when changing scenes. Do you think you can make a new bug report topic for it?

Main points:

  • Instant womp error when playing from non-first scene
  • happens for a project that was created before 3.57.0