You Can Talk About Hopscotch Here; Topic 30 [OFFICIAL]

oh yea, totally didn’t forget about this bug

what about replacing a random draft with a duplicated version of the file? (in file app)

@The_Raptors I would really like to make a Platformer but I need some theme ideas!


Maybe a platformer that takes place underwater???

Spy_Guy_96 knows how to do the water mechanics if you don’t…

I don’t have any random drafts worth overwriting. Yes, I could just make a new one, but I’m perfectly content using the old player. The new player is just too overwhelming for me, especially when I have to code much more to do the same thing.

Right now, I’m just looking for tile ideas. I already have some basic tiles like Grass, Dirt, Dirt Background, and more on my end (as images in my files app).


Maybe where you are in a house, and jump on chairs, tables, beds, and things in the kitchen!


Wait, What?!

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I mean that you’re inside a house, and you jump on furniture, instead of platforms.


lowkey thinking about getting a tag list

but i mean
i would just never use it and let it decay

or get worried i’m overusing it

i would forget about it
[what would i even do with it??]

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@braynee202! It’s okay, I think it’s basically impossible to over-tag a tag list! I’m sure you definitely wouldn’t forget about it too! I barely ever tag mine and I doubt it’s decaying or anything! You don’t need to worry, all you need is ideas for the name, description and picture so… yeah. Go on! I’d definitely join it when you make one!

i don’t even know what i would do with it

be honest i’d probably undertag it

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Maybe have all tool related icons be their own buttons outside of the toolbox, since having to go in, select a tile, place, and then go back into the toolbox just to change back to freecam is kinda slow…

Maybe a dialogue box could be cool?

(I just said maybe twice ;-;)
Oh yeah, the images look great!

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@Crosbyman64 I tried doing that, but it still doesn’t work.

Edit:I did version 1.5.0


@StarlightStudios in dashing ninja I can’t but Santorini Greece even though I have enough yens.


If you already used the new custom rules, it will not work, even after downgrading. The best player versions to use are 1.5.17 (used by Spy Guy 96) and 1.5.23 (used by me, it’s also the last 1.5.x player version before player 2.0.x). It’s always best to downgrade first thing, before getting started with coding.

You can use my template to build off of. It’s got some cool features like enemies, local collision (hence the name “Advanced LCPT,” aka Advanced Local Collision Platformer Template), a working inventory, multi-directional scrolling, Keyboard & Gamepad support, and more.

The template was created to be able to use only HS shapes, but it can be easily modified to work with custom tile images

It also requires advanced mode since it contains a feature (Adaptive Frame Rate) that doesn’t work in Basic Mode.


Hehe already did that


I don’t have advanced mode :frowning:


If you are on a computer, you can use the arrow keys to move the camera. Press them while holding shift to move quickly.

Click on a tile while holding the E key to pick the tile (because E is for Awesome_E I mean “Eyedropper”)

Click on a tile while holding the option/alt key to erase the tile

Tap [ or ] to toggle through the available tiles (none of the tools will be selected this way since they can already be done via keyboard shortcuts

You still have to open the drawer to play or save the level, but that may change soon…

Since I added the HUD at the top, I can add some quick actions to it (this includes Scrolling Mode, Edit Mode, and maybe Eraser Mode)…

It is my anniversary today. :smile:


For me, it says it was yesterday. It’s Nov 4 where I am.

Happy belated anni, btw

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happy anniversary :)