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I just improved frame rate on my template:

Old: 36 FPS avg at 167 enemies

New: 41 FPS avg at 167 enemies

It turns out that even more than one equality operator in rules can hinder performance the more clones there are.

(Mine’s probably as fast as Spy Guy 96’s game now)

I should be able to release the big update Monday afternoon.

My coins are at a perfect FPS, lol, even when there’s 187 of them (mostly because tile collisions are disabled for them, as they don’t need to check for collisions).

I wonder what FPS it would be if you added the particles (@Spy_Guy_96 :eyes:)


oh i see @Cutelittlepuppydog - i thought you meant you do xy pos but you dont want to use “height” variable :person_facepalming:

in that case, follow what cros said


already used your method haha, im not gonna change it bc im happy how it turned out, but thanks anyways @Crosbyman64!


Make that 241.

It does start dropping in frames at around 400 clones with coins…


@Spy_Guy_96 I wonder… if you disable the coin particles in your game (so the total clones would be under 192), what FPS would you have gotten with a screen full of coins? (minus the ones the player would’ve collected at spawn)

I get 60 on mine, btw.


In this week something huge is coming to Potatoformer. A few updates That take the game to another level.

Today: Hat Update (Released)
Tuesday: Hallow’s Quest’s
Friday: Full Halloween Event

Next Big Event(s): Xmas 2022 / 750 Like Event


I got 37 fps.


@Tri-Angle, if you thought the Octo Lord was almost unbeatable, think again! I’ve just added the Tri-Lord, which has fast firepower, as well as eight drones!


What a coincidence. That’s what I get with enemies. Now try disabling the collision checks for coins (which is what I did), and see what FPS you get then.

Also, I found out that combining X and Y collision checks to prevent the player from getting stuck in the corner of a block doesn’t work with Local Collision.

I just separated the XY collision checks in separate rules, then I made it so it checks the X collision, then the Y collision if true (and vise versa) before doing the other stuff (once I publish the project, you’ll see what I mean), and I got an FPS of 43-46 from 35-36 with 171 enemies. Everything still works as expected.


i might have a problem with repelling (right click) with that tank :joy: but nice idea tho!!


With no particles and tile collision removed, the game can actually run at 60fps, even when the whole screen is filled with coins!


Yep, that’s what I got on mine.

I did some testing, and I found it takes 1495 coins to drop the fps down to 15. You should easily be able to get 42-45 FPS with particles enabled. I have a variable called “Enable Tile Collisions”, which determines if the entity should check for collisions or not. For the coins and keys that I have, I set both to 0. When an enemy is cloned, it’s set to 1 by default.


The Big Update is here!!

  • You can now create your own level.

  • Various Bug Fixes
  • Slight Performance Improvements (especially with coins and keys)

What is your favorite feature in the editor? Feedback would be much appreciated.

@Spy_Guy_96 @Awesome_E

LCPT stands for Local Collision Platformer Template, btw.


I just quickly fixed a bug I just found

  • Tile Group Labels will now display correctly after playing the level and going back to the editor.

I’m not sure where you are in development of the project, but pick tile is pretty cool

You forgot to mention the time travel part of -1


Pro Tip: Click on a block while holding CTRL (it’s also Control (^) on a Mac, not CMD) to pick the tile without tapping on the option. ALT+click erases the tile. These are two of the quick actions the project has. The other quick actions are shown in the initial scene.

Thanks. I got inspiration from Minecraft’s Pick-Block feature (which is bound to middle click on Windows). Works just like an eyedropper tool.

The tile drawer is inspired by Hopscotch’s Block Drawer (I might even add tile help docs in a later update)

The level extension drawers (left or right) was inspired by Spy Guy 96’s game: Raccoon with a Broom

Once the tile drawer gains enough of them, you’ll be able to scroll the drawer like you can in Hopscotch’s block drawer.

For the locked doors, it’ll ask for a number, and if you tap where the door is, it’ll let you edit the number without having to delete it first.

In terms of development, I stopped after fixing that one bug I found. I’ll still work on it from time to time, but now people can implement a level editor into their game with little effort (yes, it would be nice for it to be unique, but at least they don’t need to do much to get the editor working)…

This is also the first level editor to be full screen (as in it doesn’t have that large spot on the side where all the tiles are).

Pick-Tile is my favorite so far, too.

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Don’t mind me, just fixing every bug related to keyboard shortcuts not working at all. I also found out the hard way CTRL won’t work because control+click on a Mac acts like right click.

I just found out I forgot to turn off Smart Punctuation :sweat_smile:
no wonder why it’s not working

  • All Keyboard Shortcuts now work.
  • Change Pick-Tile shortcut to E+Click due to how control+click works on Mac

Bugs that occurred during development:

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to open the level editor on the modded player
    • turns out even the single numbers need to have the brackets, or else the project will just straight up crash.

@Awesome_E I finally got all of the keyboard shortcuts working as expected! :tada:


If there was a way to detect the type of computer being used on the modded player, I could do CTRL on windows and CMD on Mac… But I think I’ll keep the one I have…

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You can make flying enemies!

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