You Can Talk About Hopscotch Here; Topic 30 [OFFICIAL]

The moment you realize setting a bunch of local variables for substitution can actually cause lag spikes :man_facepalming:

@Spy_Guy_96 I stopped using the local variable method. I’m now getting 13.02 FPS at 600 enemies, an FPS I would’ve hit at 450-500 enemies.

Not updated to 2.1.x, but it should give you a solid idea still


I was running on player 1.5.x anyways. It didn’t help much, I found out some of the lag occurring for me in my platformer template was due to setting too many variables in one frame.

In your lag test, for me, the value score was 44 no matter the number of clones (1 versus 500).

And yes, I did sit through every time the project almost froze due to set image, set text, and start sound.

Just saw this



I don’t think I will ever get how this works

It’s all just the word text


Set Image to and Set Text to both exist lol


Hmm ok I can try that if I ever make a game like this


Yeah I should probably test operators in some sort of meaningful way, like how matches will be slower than multiplication, for example.

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I basically set the images via code. The advantage of using only blank text objects is they are invisible in play mode, so you won’t see any objects flashing.

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Hey, @ExplodingDucks, it’s been a while. How’s it been? Coding anything?

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I’ve been busy with school and stuff, but I’ve had an idea that I hope I can do

@Spy_Guy_96 got any gameplay ideas? I want plenty of gameplay mechanics for the 20 levels I’m going to make (plus 10 from the community).

I got Gravity Manipulation (like Antigravity) for one of my ideas. Maybe Low Gravity too.

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It’s me O.o, mom I am famous:)

@/Crosbyman64 do you like it?
I am trying to make a mazeformer kinda like one of your older project:)
Is 10 level good enough?

Menu not complete, just a start up:)

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10 levels is a good start.

My game, StarCourse, has 49/80 levels. Level 25 is the boss level, and every other level (except iPhone levels) have 3 sub levels each. It has really hard getting a lot of the levels into the game, since the Creator had no way of sharing nor importing…

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i sometimes heard some people wanting or thinking i’m redesigning Cannons to be an online multiplayer game, and i could maybe consider that

redesign Cannons to be a truly multiplayer game with @Awesome_E’s modded player
  • yes!

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:ballot_box: number of “yes!” voters will give me an idea of whether i should do that or not

and in best of worlds, i may use @Spy_Guy_96’s or @Crosbyman64’s local collision code to spawn multiple balls in the randomizer so it’s more exciting and less waiting!



I literally just changed my title to Coding Guru, and I just got my other badge: Master Coder.

What do you guys think I should use as my title?

  • Coding Guru
  • Master Coder

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I seem to be on a “Badge Collecting Spree,” lol. I just read the entirety of the current October Event, a topic with 183 posts so far.


Hopscotch should have more fonts.

Change my mind.


Cool! On my first day on the forum, I read the whole ytaco (previous one which had like 9000 posts altogether)!

same here but in a different way haha i just got first like 18 hours ago but i’ve been liking posts long before that-

and autobiographer for filling out my bio - what is going on lol?

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