You Can Talk About Hopscotch Here; Topic 30 [OFFICIAL]

I just coded a rectangle line to always stretch from sprite 1 to a Draggable sprite 2. The line is always the perfect length.
I searched some forum topics and couldn’t find info on this.
There’s some Angry birds games on Hopscotch, but they use trails being drawn/deleted.


Interesting, I’ve never heard anything like that. If you feel comfortable, would you mind sharing it here or in #ha:open-source-code

Excited to see what you create!


I’m making a ‘Hangman’ game, it’ll probably take me a few more weeks though


Interesting, like the word game?


You know using INT for (sprite 1 x pos minus sprite 2 x pos)
Then INT for (sprite 1 y pos minus sprite 2 y pos)
I set a sprite to x and y positions of these values

This makes a sprite set position to the exact middle of a direct line between sprite 1 and 2 .
The rectangle sprite then points to sprite 1 and sets width to the distance measured.
So the rectangle is always stretching from sprite 1 to 2.


You are really good at not only coding, but also explaining why the code is there, the perfect mix for a Master Hopscotcher

I’m excited to see you at the top one day!


Thanks, but I don’t know much like others here.
I did this to simulate a “line of sight” to see if there’s a direct line from a sprite to another with no other sprites in the way.
This has a lot of other uses as well.


Great, I like word puzzle games. Can’t wait to play it.


A line of sight? Cool! This would be good for a horror game. Here’s what it would sound like

Developer: Let’s make a horror game where you can only move where the Enemy can’t see you

Publisher: that would be… AMAZING!

Can’t wait to see where you end up, stay awesome :sunglasses:


How would I go creating a Wordle, I would have to complete the checklist (linked below the line)


Tap the blurred images for concept images :slight_smile:
Spoilers for 2022-08-06T14:00:00Z

Create Foundation (Code to get the game started
Create 30 days worth of letter combinations
Figure out win streaks (Probably using User Variables
Create BT topic
Find out how in the world I can list ALL words

Next project revealed :scream_cat:


I’m not sure…
@Fundardo has already made FunWord, which is basically wordle, so wouldn’t that be copying? Maybe you could make something similar to wordle, but around a different topic?


True, I’m thinking to add a little tiny twist to it though :thinking:

Literally says it


That’s a lot of work to code for every alphabet letter!!
Good luck🤘


Will be lots of work

Thanks, I’m planning to use the “Save Input” block instead of manually adding All the words


A suggestion, make the words only hopscotch related. Like, for example, the word ‘octo’ will be allowed but not ‘annoying’, if you get what I mean. As well as this, maybe ask other Hopscotchers for help. Inspiration might be

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Great idea! Just came back to ask you [1] if they could help #debug-my-code

I would like to make a grid that has a grey line to show where 1 cube ends and another starts

Grid = 6x6

  1. or anyone ↩︎


I imagined a game of poker with letters dealt after seeing your pics.
Player 1 looks at 2 cards(letters) dealt to them and player 2 looks at their 2 cards(letters) dealt to them.
Looking secretly can be done with each player holding the IPad for example.
Up to 9 letters are spread onscreen. Players bet after each letters is spread to stay in the game.
The player that can make the biggest word each round takes the winnings.
I suppose this could be a possible 4 player game.


I think I might stick to 1 player for now, but that’s definitely a suggestion!


Hi, could anyone help debug my project? I am trying to make an endless crossy road which is based off of a grid system. This means that, instead of each tile moving, when the player moves forward a tile takes on the properties of the tile above it, creating the illusion of a moving background. The cars work in a similar way. There is one car object for each row of tiles (of which there are 8) and will only become visible when the row of tiles it is on is a road (which is indicated by a tile row having it’s respective variable being set to 0). When the player moves forward, a car will take on the properties of the car above it; the car type, visibility and position. For example, if the car on T1 (row 1) is a red car (RandomCar = 1), and is at X = 350 and Y = 900, then when the screen is tapped and the player moves forward, the car on T2 will become a red car and set it’s position to X = 350 and Y = 800 (because each row has a height of 100). Or, if the car on T3 is a blue car (RandomCar = 2), and is at X = 150 and Y = 700, then when the screen is tapped the car on T4 will become a blue car and go to X = 150 and Y = 600.

I know it’s confusing, but bare with me.

That’s what’s meant to happen. But for some reason, the cars are completely glitched out. I would so grateful is someone would help fix this bug.

The project link is Endless Crossy Road WIP by Dinocomix.

More details

The cars and player are 3D, meaning they use around 60 clones to create a 3D effect. When moving, the CarType often changes (for whatever reason) and the clones glitch out. Also, for some reason, all the cars on all the tile rows are on the same X position. I’m super confused. Some of the variables are:

  • T1, T2, T3 … T8: These refer to the eight rows of tiles that make up the game. If a variable is equal to 0, that respective row will be a road. 1 means grass, and 2 means railway (which currently does nothing).
  • RandomCar: Each car has its own personal CarType variable, 1 is a red car, 2 is blue car, 3 is green car and 4 is purple car.
  • LoadComplete: The player can only tap the screen and move when LoadComplete = 2. When the chicken completes rendering LoadComplete will increase by 1, and it will also increase by one when the cars complete rendering.

Doesn’t Wordle use 5 letter words?

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