You Can Talk About Hopscotch Here; Topic 30 [OFFICIAL]

It said I created mine on March 7, 2016 at 5:17:22 PM (I’m guessing GMT is the timezone it used? If not, please tell me).

Looks like I guessed the exact date I joined Hopscotch. How 'bout that?!




totally not a trail art teaser
wow there are officially 30 of you now- low-key makes me feel bad for tagging haha



Fun fact: That information was added to the API last year when the web explorer needed it for browsing other people’s profiles

Yeah, since it’s just Z at the end, that’s GMT

Specific timezone notation would be ±08:00 (or however much the offset from GMT is)


Ok. So that would be March 7, 2016 at 12:17:22 PM in my timezone (EST | GMT-5)

My first project was made on March 7, 2016, at 12:32:06 PM EST (literally around 14:44s after I joined).


So I’m having a really bad problem with my drafts on hopscotch, there’s a game that I published on an iPad but then later I check my iPhone and the draft is still there, I try to delete the draft but every time I check it, the draft just comes back. I accidentally made a copy of the draft and it’s also having the same problem, what can I do to delete so I can never see it again, because like I said earlier on in this post, I’ve already published the actual game.

@894ers @CodeHelp (is it okay if I tag CodeHelp?)


Is your internet/WiFi working well?


Yes it is… at least I think so
I’ve tried deleting them like 15 times now.


I really need help with this, it’s clogging up my drafts and it’s very annoying.

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To many notifications abt this game

Someone play the forum games before they get lost #forum-game

Did not know you could zero-frame a custom ability like that. Super useful!

Edit: it’s actually one frame WITH the set variable before it too, cool (that set variable before might not be strictly necessary depending on the use case but that’s still good to know)

I find it cool that even this works:


i mean, technically this isn’t a problem with your code, so it might just be better to post the question on its own, but it’s fine now, dont worry abt it.


Please someone help me with the problem in the post I’m replying to! This is really annoying!

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log in/log out is what i did last time for that kind of bug

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@Tri-Angle!! Omg it worked! Thank you so much!!


I thank @t1_hopscotch for that trick.

The single frame recursion trick was discovered by @Petrichor, so I thank them too.

Limit is around 1000 recursions before it womps, but if the performance improved to allow up to 100000 recursions (most people won’t use that much for anything anyways… maybe they’ll use up to 198^2), that would be very useful.


i’m thinking about talking about stuff related to my hs acc [bfsrc, for example], but have no idea where to

what topic

is there even one


should i make a topic

unsureness noises

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You can talk about Hopscotch here. If you are having problems with HS, you can make a bug report in #hopscotch-bugs

You can also make a topic in #project-updates if it’s related to updates to your project.


excuse ???

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considering that bfsrc is a story i’d say #random-stuff:writers-nook - but that’s for coded stories only so idrk