You Can Talk About Hopscotch Here; Topic 30 [OFFICIAL]

The speed and precision of reality definitely matters for Hopscotch.

Fortunately programmers do not have to worry about Planck Time units, for their scale is so small it doesn’t matter (yet).

However, programmers do have to worry about the speed of light! For devices are getting so marvelously detailed and large, that light is not capable of traveling so quickly. So some calculations are required to wait for light to catch up to be fully computed.

Fortunately, with Hopscotch you will not have to worry about such matters. For smart and clever people have already solved the speed of light issue for us.

But you will run into a similar problem if you attempt to code anything in Hopscotch! Since Hopscotch is not a fully imperative language, but has declarative elements.

What’s an Imperative Language?

I’m so glad you asked. An imperative language works exactly like how you think a programming language should work. You can make Hopscotch an imperative language if you only create 1 character and a “when game starts” rule. That is, there’s only one page of code that starts at the top, and works it’s way down until it reaches the bottom. No multithreading issues can take place! (That is, if two things try to change the same variable at the same time)

An imperative language has only one thread of code running. Everything is ordered logically from top to bottom. The sad truth is that computers and Hopscotch do not really work this way.

What’s a Declarative Language?

No, I’m not so glad you asked this, as this is an uncomfortable and complex question. Many of your bugs are going to fall under this category (the category of timing issues especially)

In a Declarative language, there can be multiple threads of code running at the exact same time. Well, not exactly at the same time (if your computer is only running on 1 core), but the threads of code are overlapped so that functionally they are running at the exact same time. If your computer is running your program on multiple cores, then threads of code are indeed running at the exact same time!!! But you don’t have to worry about this with Hopscotch. I’m sure they didn’t do this to their Mac users.

Hopscotch is built using an Imperative Language, but they are actually simulating a Declarative Language. This is where it gets intense. The Hopscotch Team selected their own rules as to how multiple threads of code should be overlapped. These rules are not explained to the user, and so we have to figure them out. Rules such as, Which object’s code gets first priority? In what exact order is all the code being executed? You can figure out by trial and error, but over time as the Hopscotch player is updated, they may change the rules and bust your game if it relies on these rules working the way you understood them to. When building very complex projects in your future, bear in mind that you’ll have to have a deeper understanding in how the Hopscotch player executes code, so you can have a complex and large game run smoothly without lags.

You may have to implement waits and funny systems just so that your code runs the way you want. But people creating your computer had to do the exact same thing, since light is too slow.

I’m not an expert on this topic, but this was a quick presentation on it to the best of my abilities. I’ve seen that most of the new bug reports are related to Hopscotch’s implementation of this.


Looks like the lag in this case is due to excessive notifications appearing (I was going to say “Push Notifications” but that is classed as an alert shown to people that was generated by an app that’s currently not open), though I could very well be wrong. Other causes of slow programs (or devices in general) could be caused by lack of or nearly full RAM (long pressing the power button (until the power off option appears) them long pressing the home button will clear all cache stored in RAM. Use assistive touch if you don’t have a home button) or nearly full storage (surprisingly)…


I probably just got very unlucky while coding the project. This issue in particular occurred in clones (and it occurred a few hours ago, surprisingly). If I continue to have this problem, I’ll look into it deeper and see if I can find the root of the problem.

Edit: yep, I was just unlucky. Everything is good now. The issue I had where the code window wouldn’t close when tapping either side if the device was in portrait mode is also no longer an issue.


This is what I currently know:


This isn’t copied or rewritten.


Has there been any development on the new years comp winners?


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This is the forced tutorial before the game starts.

You opened the game for the first time an you’re presented with this screen after the tutorial.

Which icon do you think is where you sell your logs?

Buy new forests?

Buy new tools?

Purchase seed products?

  1. the log icon with green background
  2. the tree icon with blue background
  3. the axe icon with red background
  4. the coin icon with orange background

Can I offer some criticism for the first page? (You don’t have to take it but it’s just something I noticed that relates to user interface and potentially just my personal opinion (which likely could be unimportant in the grand scheme of things))


Feel free to give feedback! Your correct, there was a poll to see if the menu buttons were confusing so this is testing for that as well. Please post it and tell me in my update topic or here if you’d prefer!


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