You Can Talk About Hopscotch Here; Topic 30 [OFFICIAL]

Oh wow, I guess I never realized what old HS was like. I joined September of 2020 lol :joy:


lol I joined pretty recently too! nothing has really changed since 2019 for me though


@the_clowns, made a weird map generator, how is it?


@StarlightStudios would you be interested in doing a collab?


I’ll definitely consider it because that would be fun and I’d love to work with you! I’ll review my “schedule” and see if I can plan time bc my last collab we were both too busy so I want it to go well for sure!

99% yes just gotta check if I have anything going on.

Did you have any ideas or did you want us/me to decide? Also how big of a project do you want this to be?


This isn’t because text is SVG – it’s because the text has to be rendered as an image and put on the canvas.


Oh, I didn’t know that… now I do.


@Tri-Angle I made this project. It worked way too well, lol.

How mine works:

First it checks for an @ symbol. If there is one, then it sets the width, opacity, and rgb color. Otherwise, it draws the line

So it’s basically this: @wwwaaarrggbb;

For any given point: xxxxyyyy- or xxxxyyyy; (where - = line continues and ; = end of line)

Mine is literally 1 character shorter per point (I saw you did xxxx,yyyy; for each point). And unlike yours (besides the fact mine doesn’t have Bézier curves), mine doesn’t re-initialize the width and color for every new line, only when absolutely necessary.

So the full code would be smth like this: @01010000aa00;00100010-02100010-02100210-00100210-00100010; which draws a huge square.

For two squares of the same trail properties, it would be like this:
@01010000aa00;00100010-02100010-02100210-00100210-00100010;03100010-05100010-05100210-03100210-03100010; // two squares spaced 100 units apart.

And, the scan ability will only draw 1 line at a time. Perfect for UNDO histories.

This is more for re-draw functions…

It would be cool if we could use numbers for trail caps (i.e., 0 = round (default), 1 = square, and 2 = butt) (@t1_hopscotch). I already found ways to insert variable into the block, so it would only make sense…

And for those who are curious, yes, Setting a variable to square and setting the trail cap to that variable does make it a square trail…

Ooh, I have an idea of how I’ll be able to make this work… :eyes:


@Tri-Angle (sorry for triple tag) Thinking about it, I now know why you re-init the trail properties for each line (because in the case of an undo, you would need to know the width, color, and such for every line…)

You could make temporary variables containing width history and color history that is set based on the touch history, but that would probably be too much in terms of file size (I know a variable doesn’t take that much space, but still).


-1 is setting in stone a great disturbance. Projects are now being released and things are happening that cannot be undone.

A secret -1 event eagerly awaits you in the near past present and future.

You will see you will hear all is one


I just made a test pad. The set new properties thing is just for this test. If there were sliders and such, the properties would be set automatically.

My test pad is compatible with Trail Cap, Trail Opacity, Trail Width, and the RGB hexadecimal color format.

For trail cap, 0 = square, 1 = round, and 2 = butt

@Tri-Angle (tagging because this project has Undo-History)

This project also fixes an issue where you were able to access the Undo and Redo buttons while the Auto-Drawer was doing its thing…

Edit: added the ability to view Touch History so you can see how it all works.


Wait, is @/Scosche you?!


So now with every point of a line, the string of code is 1 character shorter than the string of code Tri-Angle uses (if my code only had width and rgb, but mine is still shorter after 4 points).

New shorthand code: cwwwaaa#rrggbbxxxxyyyy-xxxxyyyy;


no, joined the forum way before me. idk why we had the same user tho. found an account that matches it…


nice! could definitely have done 9 characters but its a lot more blocks so i decided to stick with 10

mine doesnt do that - it’s an operator inside char in so basically it changes only if the operator gives a 1
so basically a check once if block without it

(reading the other posts)


Maybe just a small fun little project

All I know is that want we could do a bit of some pixel art in it


@t1_hopscotch, sorry for the tag, but whats happening with the tabs lol? is there a brand new curating system so the curations have been paused or something?


I think maybe it would be best to wait a bit because I have a couple of big projects on right now and I’m worried that I won’t be able to take on another project, even if it’s small. I just don’t want this to end up like my last collab because I would rather hold it off and do it when I have less to work on. Would you be fine if we did it another time?

Ikr! I swear a couple of weeks ago, some other users and I talked about it because this is a big issue! My new games aren’t doing as well as my previous games because curation is just not happening right now! It’s seriously very discouraging, ever since I can’t get the motivation to make a big project because I just think about how no one will see it… that’s why I update my two big projects very slowly because it seems like not many people will care or see them at all.

Even on the forum too because my newer game topics have fewer people interested in signing up than the last and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong… I even took people’s advice and put it all on one topic. 12 people is still a lot but that’s less than I used to have so it feels like I’m just not making things people like anymore or something is going on. Maybe it’s because the users on my old update topics aren’t online much anymore so they never saw my new topic. Idk

Sorry for my little rant lol it helps for me to just type it out, but I’m mainly writing this so hopefully t1 or someone on THT sees it and understands


Sure thats fine for me! Take your time


Hi, welcome back!

Edit: OMG, your projects are amazing!