You Can Talk About Hopscotch Here; Topic 30 [OFFICIAL]


What’s up, @Liquid?

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That’s nice! I bet @Liquid would love it.

Right @Liquid ?


@Liquid you must really like getting lots of tag notifications. I probably won’t compete in this, but that’s an interesting idea, I must say, @Liquid.

Hmm, I really like the design of this. It’s almost like an alternative Hopscotch community interface in Hopscotch (which is similar to other people’s code editors in HS that aren’t just HS inside HS, if that makes sense)

or write a script to automate it

I’ve done something similar in the past, but I haven’t actually put people’s usernames into a Hopscotch project (we didn’t have updating projects as a feature yet). I did it with lots of rounds here, and I think it’s really cool that you’re trying to bring this concept into a Hopscotch project for the UI frontend


I tried to take inspiration from the design of the Google logo actually, The colors and reasoning behind how the logo is fits the message I’m looking for when people play the project. I actually coincidentally make the UI look a lot like HS UI and I think that’s really good as well so I might try to take some more to make it feel more official. (I won’t market it as that, it will just look like it’s made by HS in some aspects)

I feel like I care way to much about UI lol, it can really make or break a game though.

I have no clue how to do that but thankfully I ended up finding a good way, you can look in the code to see it when I publish the project.

It’s funny how you mention that, I knew someone did something like this before but in a competition and not a project and this was it!

Thanks so much for all of the kind words btw, made my day!

I really hope @Liquid is super excited for this, there will definitely be some leaderboards that say @Liquid ! But who knows as I’m just as excited for @Liquid ‘s comp to see who can tag @Liquid the most :wink:


It really does. So the similarity is a coincidence but I still like that design a lot

It’s possible but probably not worth setting up if you don’t already know what you’re doing in that realm.

Nice. And yeah of course, any time!

Yeah that’s true @Liquid would enjoy getting a gold medal but I’m not sure if @Liquid will see it on the first day because @Liquid will have just way too many tags to be dealing with


Speaking of which, I think I might have set up an unused system or something where you basically link a forum post, and the backend will save the image in the post if there is one (and only 1) under a certain game. No front-end for it either though, so it wouldn’t really be useful at this phase.

this would be one of the easiest games to write a bot for lol. Maybe I should try it, though obviously the score would not count as legit.


Current TALLY

The @Liquid Board
@Bobinny - 2
@StarlightStudios - 8
@Crosbyman64 - 1
@Awesome_E - 5
@Liquid - 3


@Liquid don’t you think it’s a little unfair to tally yourself (include yourself)?

Also, are you coding anything, or are you focused more on this event?


The similarity was a coincidence but I might take more inspiration from HS when it comes to UI. HS’s UI is one of my favorites. It really does remind me of Google actually which doesn’t make it a big surprise that I end up finding a middle ground between the two styles.

Yeah I can’t imagine how clogged up @Liquid ‘s tags could be. There should be a comp about how many tags there will be since there are so many people tagging @Liquid . Oh wait, there is a tagging @Liquid comp! I hope @Liquid won’t spend their life checking all of the peoples posts that tagged @Liquid for the tagging @Liquid comp!


Wait so @Liquid, you actually are counting the multiple @Liquid tags in a singular post that tags @Liquid? I did not know @Liquid would think that’s an acceptable mention of @Liquid – I thought at least that @Liquid would only count one @Liquid per post, but it turns out that @Liquid thought differently from me. Hopefully @Liquid won’t change @Liquid’s mind on that too soon though, because this is a lot of @Liquid’s in one post replying to @Liquid


I’m adding myself as a joke, when I do the updated tally, I’ll remove myself :wink:

I’m coding Tapping Demons, yourself?


I don’t even know what “spam” is anymore, @Liquid


My next thing will be … drumroll pls… gravity Control


I think @Liquid is to busy checking all of the people who tag @Liquid I’m their posts (because of the tagging comp for @Liquid) to code! Maybe an advertisement about the @Liquid tagging comp but that would just get @Liquid ‘s notifications even more clogged up because so many people would be tagging @Liquid (and of course it’s for the @Liquid tagging comp if I haven’t said it enough)

Is this spammy enough @Crosbyman64 ? Oops I probably should’ve doubled my tag count by saying @Liquid again instead… oh well can’t stop the @Liquid tagging grind! Maybe that should be a leaderboard in my new project… or maybe that would be unfair since tagging @Liquid isn’t a HS game.

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Current TALLY

The @Jay Board
@Bobinny - 2
@StarlightStudios - 25
@Crosbyman64 - 3
@Awesome_E - 17

The idea was for *people to post regularly and have a small :arrow_down_small: thing that has lots of @Jay in it, please do that and don’t spam.


I coded the entire game of Yahtzee.

Also, @Liquid is the best @Liquid anyone could ask for in an @Liquid.
For every @Liquid there is, another @Liquid follows.
Too many @Liquid’s!!! Normally I don’t tag you this much in one post

>>over-tagging detected!


Yeah it really is clean, simple, and approachable.

Yeah Google’s material design was generally pretty solid, but they’re starting to stray (rhymes with @Liquid) from it with rounded corners in weird places (especially when it’s only two and not four), not to mention the horrid 4-color mail and Google Meet logos. I wish it didn’t change from two years ago, the new gmail logo is still an eyesore to look at. (wait, that was 2020?)

@Liquid probably has more @Liquid’s than @Awesome_E has @Awesome_E’s. That sounds like a comp @Liquid would enjoy hosting and judging, because it’s very unique to the user of @Liquid. I find it interesting that you’ve noticed @Liquid is doing this, and I agree that spending this much time reading @Liquid tags probably isn’t the greatest use of @Liquid’s time. On a less-@Liquid but more serious note though, we should really keep this on topic and not form more posts around the @Liquid tag.

Hiding these tags so they don’t take up too much space [1]

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Ahh silly @Liquid . Classic @Liquid really to make all of these jokes about tagging @Liquid for the tagging comp about @Liquid . Will tapping demons have a advertisement for the @Liquid tagging comp or maybe possibly a @Liquid code? I really hope so because I love tagging @Liquid , especially for the auto clicker in tapping demons which will hopefully be easier to get by using the potential code @Liquid for the advertisement about tagging @Liquid .

Which means, we should talk about other things while tagging (@Liquid) and not just make posts just for the sake of tagging @Liquid (again, we don’t want to turn this into spam)


Ok I’ll keep it code related, what everyone’s favorite menu design? :skull::skull: or am I just going insane?

just me….



@Liquid @Liquid @Liquid @Liquid @Liquid @Liquid @Liquid @Liquid

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