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Maybe, but you will need to swap the ABXY buttons under Settings > General > Game Controller.

The modded player uses the Web Gamepad API, so AE has no control over which gamepads are supported.


Beta 09c

  • Player Spawn will now shift the correct number of tiles over when changing the level size, rather than just 1 (not sure how I forgot that).

I see this


I fixed that in Beta 09a. Spy Guy 96 can confirm they were missing on their end in the previous version.


Sorry I’ve been quite everyone caught in school work.


I can’t speak much Japanese (日本語) — only recognise basic phrases and mostly in writing. But I can recognise what is being said there :smiley:

Can you speak Japanese?

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Just a small note for future: if you use another language, an English translation will need to be provided in the same post


Some info about my characters

  • Squaeyron - The friendliest species of cuboid you will ever see. Loves helping out others friendly creatures like Starlynn, and loves a bit of adventure.

  • Starlynn - Squaeyron’s friend and partner, they are a literal glowing yellow star. They love dashing into things and attacking enemies.

  • Chomper - A Wild Cuboid species who patrols around an area. They are hostile towards Squaeyron and Starlynn. They can be easily defeated by bumping their head.

  • Mega Chomper - A Large Wild Cuboid. They are much more tough than a small wild cuboid. Only Squaeyron is able to defeat them.

  • Critter - A small urchin-like species. They like to bounce around an area. They are malicious creatures who mainly attacks friendly cuboid and star species. Their spiky bodies makes them impervious to Squaeyron and Starlynn’s attacks.

  • Sleeper - Another species of Wild Cuboid. They are mainly dormant, and only ever attacks when Squaeyron or Starlynn gets too close. They also can only be defeated by slamming their heads.

  • Turret - A creature who periodically fires projectiles. They have a weak spot only Starlynn can reach.

  • Chaser - A small red-orange creature with a round head, and several tiny feet. They look much like Ghosts from PAC-MAN, but they are very alive, and are out to attack Squaeyron and Starlynn. They will chase them everywhere, hence their name, just like Blinky from Pac-man, who is literally known as “Chaser.”

  • Sonar - a light blue creature who, like their name suggests, emits a powerful sonar attack. This attack is only harmful when in close proximity, and will only push you if any farther, up to 5 blocks away.

  • Jumper - a small, round, one-eyed creature who loves bouncing around like a bouncy ball. They can be defeated, but it is really hard to do so, as they move too much. They don’t mean any harm but they don’t avoid bumping into other creatures.

  • Enemy Spawner - a small machine that spawns enemies. Can be destroyed by slamming it or dashing towards it. Watch out, though, because doing so will cause them to glow red-orange, and they go out with a bang.

  • Chuck - a small flying creature who periodically throws projectiles down below. They mainly follow Squaeyron and Starlynn around.

@StarlightStudios this includes every enemy and character that will be included in my game: When Worlds Collide, and shows a little info about them.


Beta 10a has been released

  • Added Chaser. Credit to @Spy_Guy_96 for the movement code.
    • They are slightly slower than Squaeyron, so they can be outran.



Don’t worry, the beta will be back shortly. Just ironing out a few bugs.

The image was missing again. Hopefully it’ll be there when I publish it again.

Beta 10b

  • You can now edit Level Creator by tapping the home button in the inventory, next to “New”

Sorry about the constant updates. I’m just trying to fix an issue where the Chaser image was missing

I think this might be a Hopscotch Bug. For some reason it always goes missing for everyone else whenever I upload a new image on a published project and publish an update. It’s there on my end, but for everyone else it showed a placeholder image. (@t1_hopscotch to see the issue, check out the other link. A fourth enemy is supposed to be in the inventory, but it wasn’t there. In AE’s project builder, it shows as a [?], meaning the image doesn’t exist or is missing. If I upload an image to a draft, it works as intended).

Beta 10c

  • Fixed an issue where the image for Chaser was missing

@Spy_Guy_96 @Tri-Angle @Awesome_E


Thanks for letting me know — we will have to check images with published projects.


I actually can, a little でもひどいよう〜


remember to provide translations for any posts in different languages :))
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technically u r correct however (and i may be wrong) they aernt specifically using the lanquage for the post but for the use of simple words to see who understands the basics of it and not any information that isnt already readily available to the casual english viewer.


Yes, that’s right.

But I can’t edit it anymore ):


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Cool Texts

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@aadenboy go into Level Creator, open the inventory and click “exit.” Does it do anything (other than fade to white)? Does it go to the menu, or does it say stuck as a white screen? I want to ensure the exit option works for all users.


Heads to the menu