You Can Talk About Hopscotch Here; Topic 30 [OFFICIAL]

It’s actually easy. Just make it despawn when the player slams it. It would be the same code as the Mega Chomper, but without the insane bounce.

The slam broadcast is only for shaking the screen, btw…

I won’t do that in my game because they might be used for puzzle potential. I might also repurpose the ground slam button so you can hold it to move the box around…

What is impossible is getting stacked crates, since there’s no way to check for a collision with itself. Mostly because of ID issue.


Ooh, cool!
The thing that I was talking about being hard (maybe) would’ve been having the planks spread all over with a particle effect

Also I checked out your Course project, it’s really good (: but a little hard


Yeah, StarCourse is extremely hard on iPhone.

Also, did you know Starlynn, the character in StarCourse, will make a second appearance in When Worlds Collide one day?..



for moving the crate,

should I make it so pressing a button makes it move like in Racoon with a Broom…

or make it move as if the player is literally pushing it…

(Only the box woud correct its position if able)

The player’s speed would also be reduced while pushing the box.

For Starlynn, I’ll use the first open, since their core abilities are Dash and Double Jump.

For Squaeyron, their core abilities are Ground-Slam and Wall Jump (this wasn’t added yet).


Beta 02a is out!

  • Ground Slamming will now make the enemies and crates bounce a little, giving the illusion that the slam is very powerful.
    • If you jump at about the right moment after slamming on a crate, you’ll be able to clear 1 extra block. It is a little hard to pull off, but still doable. You just need to do is as the crate is giving you the boost…

Beta 02b

  • tweaked the slam bounce value from 8 to 9 to make it easier to do the crate boost trick.

Beta 02c

  • each entity is now bounced differently due to the slam impact. Large enemies are bounced less because they are heavy, small enemies are bounce more. The crate is bounced most because they are lightweight.

@Tri-Angle @MarkerGames


I got some bugs when I buy something with cash on Funcity the Buy button disappears, but I can’t move anything like the city map after I buy something with cash like parks.


Welcome @lulu27! I just moved your post here, since this topic is where people often talk about Hopscotch projects.

For context:

This comment was for @Fundardo’s project, Funcity

It was originally in response to this post: General Leadership Questions, Concerns and Compliments topic - #3638 by FRENCH_WAVE123


Thanks for letting me know! I’ll look into this as soon as I can!


I got 34 first try


Honestly, it depends. Personally I like how it works in Raccoon with a Broom, because it’s fast. But it isn’t very precise. Like, you don’t have that much control on where the box exactly lands.

If your game requires more exact/precise box placement, I would go for literal pushing. But otherwise I would prefer how it works in Raccoon with a Broom, since it’s faster. But at the end of the day, it’s your choice.


@Awesome_E your web explorer saved me from total boredom. I was stuck it a place with only pcs and I wanted to code.
BTW is there a way to add pics?


Now I got 42


Does anyone know a way to create a platformer, without modding your project?


unfortunately not yet :/ and i super duper agree, web exp is unbelievably incredibly convenient


I have decided to give Squaeyron the pushing mechanic, and Starlynn the same mechanic as the weapon in Raccoon with a Broom via its Dash button.

It’ll also open some teamwork opportunities, as Starlynn would be able to launch the block forward to where Squaeyron wouldn’t be able to push it to (like in the middle of spikes, for example).

Also, did you notice that Squaeyron’s Ground-Slam is visually powerful (since beta 02b), and that the impact launches the enemies and crates a little bit into the air? (but only where they are on the ground).

The only difference, regarding using the mechanic from RwaB, is that Starlynn will only be able to launch the crate from the outside. This will allow Squaeyron to help Starlynn in this situation, as they can push the crate from the inside.

Do you think I should keep the current crate boosting mechanic, or should I make it more realistic so that the crate is only launched into the air if Squaeyron doesn’t slam on the crate? It would also give the player more reasons to use Starlynn to advance through the level.


Hey @Crosbyman64 what if there was an enemy, just like the chomper (or something else), but its gravity is reversed and you kill it by jumping under it? (Maybe it damages by blasting lasers, but that would probably be hard to do)


@MarkerGames I have already come up with 10 enemy types. Thanks for the suggestion, tho.

Spiked Critter was renamed to just Critter, btw.

If you want to know the inspiration

Yes, I got inspired by Spy Guy 96’s game

Frog → Chomper
Bear → Chaser
Gorilla → Mega Chomper
Bird → Jumper
Venus → Turret
Croc → Sleeper
Iguana Hut → Spawner
Tropical Bird → Chuck

the other 2 enemies not mentioned above are original.


Unfortunately not, but if you add it from the iOS app, you can use those images on the web


hopscotch is fun


I 100% agree with you on that one.