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Beta 01d has been released.

  • Tried to improve performance by canceling collision directions that were already checked. Don’t worry, they still work. I also found out the big check (where it checks if it’s inside the tile on the next frame) isn’t what’s causing the big fps drop.
  • Enemies and items are no longer duplicated to the other side if the level width is 16.

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When did I say that? All I remember saying is the code is not ideal (it’s a lot of calculations, but doesn’t cause lag), but it does function, even when scaled I think


I think I lost my brain cells, lol. I guess something made me think of lag (mostly the mass amounts of calculations).

I wonder if there’s a way to reduce the calculations needed :eyes:


This only works because there’s no gravity, if there was, the square would obviously clip right through… I’m assuming…

@Awesome_E this looks too good to work, right? I bet it’ll break if I add gravity. I was shocked to see it worked without, lol…


That looks like it would be so fun for Peggle!

I’m guessing it’s probably not what the project is aimed at, but I think it would be a fun project to remix it and make Peggle. I might try it if I have time, once it’s released :eyes:


Hey there, don’t ping all of them but one that is online, also you aren’t really supposed to ping them unless it’s urgent, and use this topic:


@Awesome_E @Spy_Guy_96 @Poison :eyes:

I got going into the slope working, in both directions. Going down will be the hardest, and be the part that requires a lot of checks. I also made sure to down-grade the player version, which is why I unpublished it last time.

Oh, and I didn’t account for jumping (yeah, I didn’t add it here).

There is an large invisible collision plane below the slope, btw… this is why the player doesn’t just keep falling.

Edit: releases slope test 3, player is no longer slowed down at the top, and would now be able to jump even if they were inside the collision area… I think…


wow awesome :o tag me for these pls (pretty much anything about collisions, pls tag me)


Admittedly, it’s not perfect. There are some obvious edge cases i missed, like when the player is moving down the slope, for example. They’ll just snap into position when they get into range the way I did it… or just freeze in place…

I literally built this from a rough sketch, lol…


@Tri-Angle I got more of it working… broke one thing though…


what? everything’s working fine on my end


Did you notice the player was a little slow at the top of the slope compared to the large plane?

I fixed that in test 5, btw… and the player is now only slowed down when going up the slope, rather than both up and down.

Made it so the player can jump in test 6

All actions are done automatically (like a TAS).

@Tri-Angle @Spy_Guy_96 @Awesome_E

Now the only thing that doesn’t work yet is when the player bumps the underside…


It would be cool if there was a way to smash crates by ground-pounding on them, but that would probably be really hard to do…


It’s actually easy. Just make it despawn when the player slams it. It would be the same code as the Mega Chomper, but without the insane bounce.

The slam broadcast is only for shaking the screen, btw…

I won’t do that in my game because they might be used for puzzle potential. I might also repurpose the ground slam button so you can hold it to move the box around…

What is impossible is getting stacked crates, since there’s no way to check for a collision with itself. Mostly because of ID issue.


Ooh, cool!
The thing that I was talking about being hard (maybe) would’ve been having the planks spread all over with a particle effect

Also I checked out your Course project, it’s really good (: but a little hard


Yeah, StarCourse is extremely hard on iPhone.

Also, did you know Starlynn, the character in StarCourse, will make a second appearance in When Worlds Collide one day?..



for moving the crate,

should I make it so pressing a button makes it move like in Racoon with a Broom…

or make it move as if the player is literally pushing it…

(Only the box woud correct its position if able)

The player’s speed would also be reduced while pushing the box.

For Starlynn, I’ll use the first open, since their core abilities are Dash and Double Jump.

For Squaeyron, their core abilities are Ground-Slam and Wall Jump (this wasn’t added yet).


Beta 02a is out!

  • Ground Slamming will now make the enemies and crates bounce a little, giving the illusion that the slam is very powerful.
    • If you jump at about the right moment after slamming on a crate, you’ll be able to clear 1 extra block. It is a little hard to pull off, but still doable. You just need to do is as the crate is giving you the boost…

Beta 02b

  • tweaked the slam bounce value from 8 to 9 to make it easier to do the crate boost trick.

Beta 02c

  • each entity is now bounced differently due to the slam impact. Large enemies are bounced less because they are heavy, small enemies are bounce more. The crate is bounced most because they are lightweight.

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I got some bugs when I buy something with cash on Funcity the Buy button disappears, but I can’t move anything like the city map after I buy something with cash like parks.


Welcome @lulu27! I just moved your post here, since this topic is where people often talk about Hopscotch projects.

For context:

This comment was for @Fundardo’s project, Funcity

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