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The frame recursion method I use is instantaneous up to 500 characters, less if you own a slower device (which, at that point, use method 1).

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may i give you the challenge to create a recursive regex search char?


Would it be easier if the string was a set length of 6?

As long as it works with that, I can get my code to work.

My current method is to check for every position the “-“ can be in but that isn’t a good method at all and I was hoping someone had a more simpler/efficient method.


You might be able to get away with that…


I already did (find index of character in string v3). It’s in my profile.


Here’s a recursive way to do it in two frames for any length string (up to the javascript limit, which varies, but you shouldn’t need to worry about with six characters). I’m not sure how good this will be for performance so I wouldn’t recommend doing it like 1000 times per frame. Just use self result as the output. It would be better if we could Return values from custom blocks but we cannot.

Do keep in mind that this will not just remove zeroes, but anything that is not a digit between 1 and 9 or a -. You can change what it stops removing at by playing the the regex.

Removing the characters is the easy part, adding them in the first place is really annoying with Characters between block no longer always returns a string not being fixed.
How are you doing it?


then for that small length, i’d suggest move all your checks into variables (method 2) if you havent done that yet. it’s an one-frame method

edit: nvm, you can use petrichor’s too


Should I make ‘Liquid Minecraft’?
So basically, I made a drawing on hopscotch on my other account 894 Art called ‘Gru plays Liquid Minecraft’ and I thought: “I don’t even think liquid minecraft is a thing, so, why don’t I create it?!” What do you guys think?!

  • Yeah! Make it
  • Nah. Don’t do it

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@894ers (woah it’s been a while)


whats that?


But I was trying to make regular minecraft in hopscotch… How would liquid minecraft work? Is it 2d because that is way easier


Lemme link the project it originated from that might make it easier…

And this one’s kinda related to it



I have no idea :stuck_out_tongue: maybe everything is liquid? It’ll probably just be something barely playable and like maybe just for fun?!

I dunno how to do 3D so uh it’ll be 2d probably


No but it’s exciting seeing another one made


I just did a little project management in my project template. I looked over all of my variables I created, and I removed those I no longer need. I also labeled some variables with symbols so it’s easier to find.

(Symbols like :hourglass_flowing_sand:, :stopwatch:, :key:, etc.)

I also made a little optimization in the enemies, mostly related to storing values in “Active Enemies” (and everything still works as expected, and I was able to delete a couple of variables as a result).

  • The optimization was I made it only store when cloned instead of continuously as long as it follows the conditions…


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anyone know how to make a group of items get gradually more invisible the closer they are to the center of the screen?

like, the farthest away are opaque, and the middle ones are invisible?


First I think you would have to use the Pythagorean Theorem to work out the distance of the object, and then use the distance to find the invisibility percentage
Something like this:

distance = square root ((x position - ((device) width) / 2) ^ 2 + (y position - ((device) height) / 2) ^ 2)

And maybe a check if else distance < __
Set invisibility to __

Or something math-related with the distance variable and the invisibility block



for something visual, i made a project here:


Here’s a sneak peak at my #spooktober game! I’m still making some levels, it’ll be released soon!



AHHH thats insane dude

super excited for the release!!


Thanks, I might release it in 3-6 days :))
I’m also really excited for your Kahoot! game!
I might also be working on my tanks project, maybe I’ll create the Tri-Lord (Tri-angle + Overlord), something similar to the Octo Lord