You Can Talk About Hopscotch Here; Topic 30 [OFFICIAL]

you’re welcome

!oh also
first reg tomorrow for me
:tada: yay :tada:


Happy National:

  • Taco Day

  • Cinnamon Bun Day

  • Vod- uhmmm… National (insert Apple Cider-like drink) Day!

  • Gold lover Day

  • Eat fruit at work Day

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quick explanation of the move;

mss is for serious smile things. some big holidays can go there but for things like jokes or other more “hey heres a fun fact about x day today, enjoy it!” things, the yctahh is a better place.
i wanna keep the topic as heartfelt and genuine as possible and thats why i dont let it be used as a place for other ways to make people smile – its supposed to be a genuine lil spot to kiII some friends with kindness


Small Secret Of My Game:


ooh you’re gonna be reg? thats so cool man, cant wait for you to join us :))

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Hi just realized no one made entries for my competition over a month ago and changed deadline. Has anyone else ever had a competition that hasn’t had any entries?


I’m sure it’s not personal, maybe it’s because it’s very specific of the project you need to make and it’s a lot of work. I’ve noticed that people really only usually put a ton of effort if it’s an official comp.

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It’s always cool seeing spotlight effects in projects – I like it!


i agree with starlight- maybe more people would join if the requirements were less specific.


Yeah you’re probably right


Changed requirements


i’ve been thinking: what’s the minimum possible number of coins required to beat each level of the adventures of squaeyron? [i’m playing beta]

here's my go at the first five levels:

level 1: 16/32 [50.00%]
level 2: 23/40 [57.50%]
level 3: 32/69 [46.37%]
level 4: 41/72 [56.94%]
level 5: 44/60 [73.33%]

proof that i completed these numbers:
[the coin counts are in the upper left hand corners]

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hi i know this isnt directed to me but unrelated thank you for saying that i am a cool person :))

in your bio

bc this is out of context

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looks up from dying on level 6 an embarrassing number of times
why you’re welcome


There is no coin requirement, but it’s true that it’s impossible to beat a level without touching a coin.

For the stars you earn on each level: 1 is for beating the level, 1 is for no lives lost, and 1 is for all coins collected.

For levels with crystallized gems (future levels). You’ll need to collect all of them before you can complete the level (clear condition). You can see how this works via the Level Editor.

laughs bitterly in not making it past level one

i’m horrible at platformers lol

Should I make a video of my attempt at beating all 13 available levels in TAOS? (it’s short for “The Adventures Of Squaeyron”)

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i already have

what i’m wondering about is the minimum amount of coins required to beat each level

also i just did 6, at 64/80 [80%, ouch]


so i’m trying to avoid as many coins as possible.
some look impossible to avoid, but [as found through painful trial and error] are not required to win, such as this one.


How ‘bout speedrunning all 13 levels?