You Can Talk About Hopscotch Here; Topic 30 [OFFICIAL]

pretty sure that one person only voted excellent to spite this haha


that was almost like minecraft tricks

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What’s new? [Free to Use with credit to Spy Guy 96 (unless you are Spy Guy 96)]

  • Added basic player collision for solid tiles (type = b)
  • Added code for local collision (for both player and enemies)
  • Added Scroll Code
  • Added Reset and Hit Broadcasts, Goal is currently blank. (Broadcasts are under Broadcast Handler)
  • Added conditions for when player falls out of the world or loses all health.


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Wait thanks for nominating @/roadocean and I’s shape art

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15-25 fps, it mostly depends on how many enemies are on screen.

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Literally was just about to nominate this, such a good game!


*the best game on Hopscotch





let’s say saturndragons was called ‘The Amazing Dragons of Saturn’. i can make that the group name, but not the group tag because it’s too long and has spaces- the name would be The Amazing Dragons of Saturn but the tag would be something like @/TADOS or @/AmazingSD

so you need to change the group tag to something without spaces

what about the slow mode?

(awesome group idea tho)


Things you still need to do in this project:

  • Define Player Hitbox (including width and height)
  • Finish Collision code for both player and enemies
  • Add Player Sprite
  • Add Tile Data and Tile Sprites
  • Add Enemy Sprites
  • Add Tile Animations (optional)
  • Add FPS Meter
  • Add Dynamic FrameRate code (requires Advanced Mode)

You can only request a change to your group tag once per month. The slow mode is to ensure no one breaks the guidelines.


I can’t figure out why the tiles keep flashing. I’m on debug mode, and for some reason, the tile IDs did not get set at all. The level data is in BG object

@Spy_Guy_96 What did I miss / do wrong?


jsyk Tile X / Next X is negative

I copied everything (well just the basics) from Spy Guy’s project. It should all be matched.

is this what you wanna get?


The correct level data should create a box the size of the stage.

Camera X is Scroll btw

The player hit box scrolls the screen which causes the tiles to scroll too, and the tiles glitch out since the tiles are looking at level data that doesn’t exist, thus all tiles have a tile ID of 0.

What doesn’t exist?

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Disabling this rule fixes everything

Hmm… the player must’ve been WAY out of bounds if the tiles scroll forever…

Pretty sure I set X and Y Test to 128 tho…

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