You Can Talk About Hopscotch Here; Topic 30 [OFFICIAL]

create a new object and add this code. run the project, wait 15 seconds, take a screenshot, and send it to me. does that make more sense?



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What does this have to do with my game crashing

use the variable…

and do it in your project that crashes

i’m trying to explain but you don’t understand
basically, more there are objects in your game, more likely your game will crash


You thought I meant a game in hopscotch

I meant hopscotch keeps crashing


welp you said your game is crashing:

for that case, it’s a random crash and tht is aware of that. for a temporary solution, you can code on the web.

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Yeah but my internet goes out at 9 so I can’t code on the web

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And will the hopscotch team fix the crash issue

that’s what bfsrc means? no wonder lol -
idk how i missed that-

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i can’t promise anything but i can be sure they’re doing their best :+1:

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And my game only crashes when I have internet
So I can just code without internet

i see your issue - hopscotch will crash if your device gets disconnected from wifi for over 6 hours.

you can talk with your dad/mom about it, or otherwise like i said earlier you can code on web


How can I make my game square like this with starting to code the game on a iPad and finishing on my iPhone


Square game?


Have 2 black rectangles so it looks like square

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Yeah but the items would not start the size at they start as

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Use width and height.

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I mean the stuff like the bear and emojis

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I meant the rectangles go in the corners and size it so the screen looks like a square. What do you want your result to be

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I guess that

But I have another question

How do I get rid of a class cuz I accidentally made one and I don’t want it

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:slight_smile: I replied to your post

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