You Can Talk About Hopscotch Here; Topic 29 [OFFICIAL]

dangit guess i gotta improvise-
thanks anyways! /gen

If you ask me, text squishing is technically a bug we (as in the community) cannot fix.

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being approved rn!


i suppose i should
its at 2%
oh wait no now its 1


how do you do it that fast?


If you can get it to -1 percent you’ll be golden :stuck_out_tongue:

Once I get the strings, it’s a simple copy/paste. I already have all the strings lol.


DASHING NINJA IS FINALLY OUT!!! Play it and check out this topic for more!

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dude this is epic-
like seriously, wow…


Thanks so much I really appreciate it! This is by far my favorite game I’ve made yet!

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An example of a string for my pixel art (one line)



Sorry I didn’t respond.
Thanks for showing me
You can unpublish it

(I was pretty busy today)

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Here is a project I made that features collisions (made to work, even when the platform is rotated in increments of 90)

Feel free to modify this project with credit to @Spy_Guy_96

Containers must remain with only one set variable each, or it will not work.

This was created to use gravity, but it will work without.

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Here’s another option, made by @/Petrichor -

I’m sure he would appreciate credit if you decide to go this route.


It’s basically about the same method, just without the variables. The variable driven one is able to detect collisions more accurately.

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True, but petrichor’s is older, and probably easier to implement for a less experienced coder :slight_smile:

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I can easily edit my project and remove the advanced mode requirement so they can just save it to their profile

If you really want to, I won’t argue this with you. Tbh, what we should really be doing is explain how to do it and lead them to being able to do it themselves instead of linking projects with code they can use lol.

If you’re implying anything with this, let me just remind y’all Petrichor’s project was first :stuck_out_tongue:


Even before Spy Guy’s very first collision test?

I also made a corner collision test

It easy if you think of it as 2 equally sized rectangles (ratio of 2:1) placed in a corner formation.

Credit also goes to Spy Guy 96 since this mainly uses the basic shape collision.

Which one? His first projects that involve collisions are full-blown games, unless he unpublished the tests.

Besides, both methods are different anyway, I think if they use Petrichor’s method they shouldn’t have to give Spy_Guy credit?

Edit- I found a few of his first tests


After two years, I finally made it!



I tried really hard
But I failed to make a collision from all sides

I was pretty close