You Can Talk About Hopscotch Here; Topic 29 [OFFICIAL]

I suddenly feel like updating Hopscotch’s Wikipedia page… should I do it?

Edit: I have decided to do it, probably going to take a while though, since I have to dig for resources.

Edit: Not too sure about doing it now… I will keep thinking about it but most likely I won’t do it.

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Oooh wouldn’t that be fun!

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Guess what? I’m not participating in the summer comp anymore because I’m too busy. However, I am making a secret project! (If you chose to be tagged, you will be tagged. Change them here >> You Can Talk About Hopscotch Here; Topic 29 [OFFICIAL] - #7304 by creationsofavillager)



We do too :hopscotch:


Thanks! That means a lot :slightly_smiling_face:

You can request a pixel art here!


Hey DG! How’s your summer comp project going?


We are currently trying to figure out what in the world to do, Wally won’t be on in the next few days and soaringostrich hasn’t been on in a while… at least my other projects are going pretty well.


That’s not good, there’s not a whole lot of time left. But thinking about it, has anyone on here submitted their project for the summer comp yet?

That’s good! You must have a lot of projects you’re working on right now.


I think a few people who didn’t have much time submitted some small ones. Also I’m beta testing for starlight’s game and it’s awesome

Yeah haha… I was actually going to submit one of them for starlight’s comp as well (yes a lot about starlightstudios idk why) but I’m super proud so far and am probably not going to finish in time because of me trying to make it my best. (and a lot of other stuff too, commissions and shape arts and bigger stuff)

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Nice! I’m excited to see what he makes! And read thru his betatesting topic when it’s closed

Feel free to put my sprite commission on the back burner if you’re swamped. It’ll at least be one less thing you have to worry about right now.

Oh, the music he requested, right? It’s be awesome when you finish it! Are you using the advanced editor for it?


We’re using this topic :joy:

Oh, no, commissions come first, I won’t cancel that.

Also, beware of bad pose. I couldn’t figure out how to make her look regal and in a fighting pose at the same time. It looked better in my head lol.

Yep! But it’s still using the default xylophone because I’m making it similar to some music he made for a different part of the game which is also using that.

Are your pixel arts going well?


Ohh, I didn’t even realize it xD
I know what game you’re talking about now.

Nono, not cancel, just place on hiatus for a couple weeks. But you don’t have to ofc, just reassuring you that it’s alright if you feel you should do that.

What are the rough dimensions of the sprite? I can always see if I can provide an example of something that’s kinda similar to what I want.

Xylophone is a good instrument to use, better than piano, which is all non-subs have rip.

Yes, they’re going great! I am having a serious case of laziness right now, but hopefully I’ll get the next commission started today.


Like how big the pixels are?

Yes, please do that. I’ve only done like a plan and some of the head for the first frame so I can change stuff


What’s the width and height of the sprite in pixels?

Sure, give me a moment.


Alright the dimensions are 58 width and 86 height. (The width includes the hair blowing on the side)

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Here’s the example -

This is how I would like the animation, I think it’s pretty basic. Oh, is it alright if she has a staff too?

Hopefully I did it right, I catboxed it.

  1. I don’t understand, sorry.

  2. ik just procrastinating.


oh, that quote was from your website




I did that because it would be more of a quest lol

it’s super outdated