You Can Talk About Hopscotch Here; Topic 29 [OFFICIAL]

oh didn’t know about that


a game that puts you with a random person and you have to beat them in ping pong or something


A road trip would be cool for a multiplayer game….
As in you choose who drives, and where you’re going and stuff…


It looked like you needed some love~

I’m gonna have to, I’m nearly out of likes.


smth with a lil chat would be cool, ofc idk how far you can stretch the usage of ae’s multiplayer stuff soooo yeah, but maybe something with like lil emojis to be like ‘good job’ and stuf (does this make any sense lol)

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Me rambling on about my forum past for 700

Wow, it’s been a long forum journey for me. I remember my first day on the forum, how I was so fascinated by Discobot and it’s (theirs? its?) ‘shenanigans’, and being really excited about that little certificate you receive at the end of the tutorial.

I remember checking on every couple of hours to see if koletsgo was online, I genuinely thought that they were a leader because I would ask them so many questions here and in the leaders q and a topic and they would always be answered.

And how I went off-topic in the y-taco with @/anon68560021, half talking about coding and half… not so much. Something I’m not entirely proud of, but I do remember having a lot of fun and when it closed, I learned that I could have fun talking about coding too. We were such good friends and still are in the app, even if it’s a lot more difficult.

I also remember being genuinely excited about earning basic and reading, liking, being liked, posting, visiting topics, all that - just so i could get basic and after I learned about the posting limit I would use my posts wisely to ask KO what i needed to do next and give them updates about me getting closer and closer to basic and member, and I’m still really happy that they let me do all of that and supported me instead of just saying cool and leaving because I was bothering them so much.

I was so happy that the leaders and everyone else in the community were so supportive - and they still are. Even if there was no welcome team when I joined, so I wasn’t as welcomed in introduce yourself, I remember still loving this forum.

I also made so many forum friends along the way, and almost everyone I see on here, I have at least some relationship with, including when I look at my old posts from when I joined, I still remember being good friends with pretty much everyone I talked to. (please ignore the fact that I was a little rude at the start, I still tried to be helpful)

And now, I feel respected and can tell that everyone else here is too and it makes me so happy that I’ve been on the forum for this long and have helped many people on here along the way, and also how I’ve been helped so many times. Thank you.

No, this isn’t a leaving post, I’d never ever ever think about leaving this community any time soon, I’m just so happy I’ve been on the forum for 700 days.

Thank you to everyone I’ve met.
@SaturnDragons members - whether you were in my past group, @ThePresidents, joined this group right when you saw that I was making it, or if you just joined yesterday, I’m so grateful to you for sticking along with me the whole way, until today, 700 days visited :purple_heart:



What Should I work on?
  • Continue Working on a Simulator Game
  • Work on a data String
  • Try to make a pixel art pad.
  • Start Fresh On something new (Reply)
  • Try to make a hotel simulator.

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Congrats on 700 days :tada::tada:


wew, congrats on 700 days! :D

totally didnt accidentally write 700 years


Congrats presi!!


Well done on 700 days, president! That’s ages!


I think one of my greatest joys coming back on the forum was seeing how much you have grown over the last couple years, congrats on this memorable achievement <3

I can’t wait to see you reach 1k days :stuck_out_tongue:


Congrats on reaching 700 days! That’s a really big achievement!


Can someone please give me an idea for a simple trail art? Thank you!


How about a Nintendo switch?


Ok I’ll do that!
also I gave you a shout out on my hs profile…


pov: someone suggests a friend to do what you’re already working on XD
Thank you everyone :purple_heart:


Thanks! :DD

Sorry, I had no idea. I’m playing on my Switch rn, so that’s what came to mind first.

@Tri-Angle tysm for the plants!! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw you gave my projects 9 plants!


It’s fine lol, I have a little hidden feature thatll make it different :))



It’s not the best lol