You Can Talk About Hopscotch Here; Topic 29 [OFFICIAL]

ok, also I believe this topic can also be used to talk about the forum too.

@no one

soo… what’cha codin’?

I like how serious you are about 1 word. /nottobemean

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its not ‘a word’, its my existence :))


if you say so…

would “you,” also be your existence?

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@Crosbyman64 look at this.

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Yeah, I once mentioned that I had something, and it wound up into a discussion so large, it had to be deleted.


By the way does that mean I’d get in trouble if someone else gives away PI in a topic about ADHD or autism?

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Oh so that’s why. How big? Also (L)GBOT

Why are you asking them more questions about the off topic convo, when you just said “LGBOT”


I don’t know why. Also I said “(L)GBOT” not “LGBOT” /lh

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basically the same thing

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I don’t think you’ll have to worry about that.
Big enough to be a big deal.

I agree.

I am, surprisingly, a good coder… despite my autism.

Hope this doesn’t escalate quickly. If it does, delete this post immediately

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The reason I used (L)GBOT is because there’s both LGBOT and GBOT. Which both mean the same thing, minus one word.

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as long as it doesnt end up as a discussion that goes into IC territory, its perfectly fine to mention

in fact, i would personally encourage people to do so if they want to. i think its a great way to spread awareness and acceptance, and it can be so helpful to people to find a subcommunity within their interests cause that can be a great way to connect with others and potentially get some guidance or advice that you wouldntve gotten otherwise (as long as it stays appropriate of course, this is more just a general statement than a “heres what we allow” one)


For me my autism is more of a problem when it comes to school then coding. My ADHD is what makes me so slow on making new stuff. By the way does anyone else here have ADHD?

I know how you feel. I sometimes have trouble writing essays. My strengths are Math, Physics, Algebra, Geometry, and Robotics.

What’s Ironic is the fact my B-day is during Autism Awareness Month (Awareness Day is on April 2).

Any updates (as in have you done anything more) on your compressor/decompressor?


Nope sorry. Also I have trouble concentrating on anything I don’t love. And I concentrate more than most on things I really love. That’s called hyperfocus. Math, algebra and coding are my strengths.

I never even heard of “hyperfocus”… interesting…

Coding and Music Writing are my greatest strengths by far…

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Info on hyperfocus

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I’m gonna head off for a while until this topic cools down a little.

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Ok see you later alligator. /jk