You Can Talk About Hopscotch Here; Topic 29 [OFFICIAL]

Woah that’s awesome! Super hyped for it :slight_smile:


no, artificial intelligence lol


Oh, of course… I know what AIS (the boat thing) is and I was really confused about how someone would implement it in Hopscotch.


Wow. Just to think HS used to be compatible on iPad Gen 2 (which is what I used to use), then it got bumped up to only support iOS 12 devices or newer, and now it only supports iOS 13 / iPadOS 13 or newer. I’m just glad I’m using my M1 iPad Pro, I should be good for many years to come.

You might still be able to do a performance test using an old version of Hopscotch, but I know that it won’t be the same. A lot of hopscotchers are still stuck on iOS 12, and a few of them cannot purchase a new iOS device due to restrictions and/or rules.

I’m curious what is your current screen size. I used the following sizes:

1024 x 768 (iPad Gen 2 and iPad Pro 9.7"), 1194 x 834 (iPad Pro 11"), and now I’m using a size of 1366 x 1024 (M1 iPad Pro 12.9").

And now I’m wondering how many features you could add to a platformer on a high-end device before you start seeing noticeable frame drops, or to the point where the project crashes.

My iPad, for example, can play StarCourse at full speed, which is very feature heavy (same with STAR-LINK)…

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1080 x 810

But I think I’m just going to use the older screen size by remixing older projects of mine. (1024 x 768)

The reason why is when I work with tiles, all tiles can perfectly fit on screen without a tile being half on screen. I can do that with the screen size of my new iPad, but tiles have to be much bigger / smaller if they want to perfectly fit on screen, so the old screen size is much more convenient.

It’s only a small difference but I think it’s worth it for me.

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Answer of last week!

“At line 05, set the number 1 to number 66” is not the correct answer. This does not solve the bug.

“The clones are running the When Game Starts container, so they self-destroy right after setting ‘(Self) Original Object is Ready?’ to 1. They didn’t have a chance to show up!” cannot be true because clones don’t run when game starts container! Even if they do, still no bear would be on screen.

“At line 09, set the Self attribution to Original Object attribution” is indeed the correct answer. The clones’ value is 0, only the original object’s value is set to 1.

Coding Challenge: Week 8

When is a project considered as filtered?

Is my project filtered?
  • When I don’t receive plants on my project.
  • When Safari returns a 404 not found error.
  • When I don’t see my project in Explore → Newest.
  • When I don’t see my project in Me → Published.

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Coding Challenge tag list - Request to join! :)

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I’ve been adding a good amount of features to my new platformer (nothing to crazy), and my device runs at a stable 60fps with no frame drops.


Yeah I’m not on too often


I do the same, except I simply just modify the stage size via AE’s project builder. I’d also be able to adjust the player version their as well, but I guess remixing would be more convenient. I wish I had done that from the start.

I have made the following features in my game:

Basic Platforms, Sticky Walls, Doors, Semi-Platforms, Rope/Vine, Coins, Keys, Power-ups, Checkpoints, Clear Condition Collectibles, Trampolines, “NoJump” Platforms, Dash Platforms, Spikes, Ceiling Spikes, Lava, Blinking Platforms, Spike Traps, Weak Platforms, and Electric Orbs, and I too still have a perfect frame rate of 60 FPS.

You could make the project 9 MB in size, and my iPad would still run at a reasonable frame rate.


The answer to this should be unanimous, lol.


just because of that, i’m gonna meme it :smiling_imp: /lh/t


My platformer doesn’t have a ton of tiles and most of the features comes from the enemy’s and objects.

There is one feature in particular that’s pretty simple, but really fun and with it I made my favourite level in my new game.

But I won’t spoil what it is yet ;)


Well, whatever it is, I bet it’ll be the best feature to ever exist in Hopscotch (well, besides COAN’s 3D engine)…

I might start on my new platformer: When Worlds Collide, once you finish yours…


I wouldn’t say it’s the best feature in my game, it’s just my favourite because of how simple and fun it is!

I’ll give you a hint; it is used in a puzzle ish level


SOMEONE has to make a platformer with ALL of this in one project :grinning:

you don’t have a choice


That does sound fun. How many levels are you planning on making? (wait, did I ask you this before? I honestly can’t remember)…

I, myself, am planning to make 30 total levels (20 base game levels where there’s 5 per world, 10 community levels)

The main thing I still have to figure out is what the other 3 worlds will look like…


20 main levels, with 4 special levels. But this will probably change.

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Would you play a tower defense game?

  • Often
  • Sometimes
  • Never

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Would you keep in touch with updates?

  • Yes
  • No

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The “Follows You” text is only visible on iPads. It was specifically stated in one of their older updates.


I already have. I was listing every tile I made for TAOS. Most of these are currently only available via the Level Editor.