You can post clean versions of music


Just because an album cover says "parental advisory explicit content," but it's a clean version, you can still post the CLEAN VERSION, right? If the music I like isn't the music you like, then don't listen to it. If I don't like your music, I won't go around saying I don't like it or "there's little kids on the forum." Nine years old isn't little. By the age of seven, most kid she have heard bad words.

  • clean versions of songs are and always will be allowed
  • I wish to ban all clean versions from the forum


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To, like, a middle aged person, nine is pretty "little".
To me, it is.
To a nine year old, it could be or it might not be. Same for people around similar ages.



I understand what you are saying, but, what I meant by "nine years old isn't little," was that nine year old kids are not immature enough to get angry over small things. Most nine year olds are more mature than that. :slight_smile:


I agree. To me, 9 is little since I am 12. But to other people it might not seem little.

@WitnessTheLitness I also agree with you, 9 year old are mature enough I think.


True, at least the nine year olds I've known have been (for the most part).


I'm 9 and I don't really get upset when someone cusses unless they do it on here


have you seen like half the forum XD


Nine can be considered little.

I agree!


....besides me




lol exactly what I was saying


Yes, I've seen 100% of the forum, and a bunch of the forumers here are under 11, and they get upset over small things. But most nine year olds should be mature enough to not get angry over a small sign.


And me.

I think... jk :laughing:


Butwhat if it has a ton of bad words and it mentions some... things.
Should there be a limit?


I'm not sure it's 9 year olds to worry about with reacting, sometimes they don't understand what's going on, which is why (slightly) older Hops step in.


And to be honest I think if someone's like 3 years younger than me, they aren't "little" because the amount of people living up to 100 years old is changing faster than the speed of light.


I didn't know swear words existed until I was I the only one? ._.


Yes there should.



It's changing faster than 186,000 miles per sec?


I was going to say more but......
People would get triggered so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I really hope not.

I only began to find out a year or two after that age... me alone?